The Grannies

MM’s post on how she was influenced by her parent’s and relative’s marriage set me thinking of my nana-nani (Daddy and Ammamma in the Nut speak). They are now in their 80’s and will be married for 55 years this May (Touches wood! Thoo Thoo!!). The got married the regular way – Boy’s mom sees girl, likes girl, asks boy to see girl – boy says if amma likes girl, i don’t need to see and meet for the first time on their marriage day!

Daddy – the original object of my hero-worship – the handsome fair retired air-force officer who has a toughie image with his moustache is actually a softie inside (psst – nowadays his eyes fill up when he sees us off), the one who believes in black and white – everyone is good until proven otherwise and then the person is in the dog house forever, the one who sticks to etiquette and doing the right thing. Ammamma – the beautiful dusky one with the endless stories, the practical one, the one who believes in grey shades of all humans are the quintessential example of “opposites attract”.

They both have been bestowed with a great sense of humour and this makes their constant squabbling very amusing. All around are to maintain silence when Daddy and Ammamma do *dishoom dishoom* lest you can’t miss those awesome one liners …and a side product of their squabbles is an FIR (complaint) being lodged with my mom playing supreme court judge. Ammamma will crib about the number of hours daddy takes getting ready, about how he tries to convert the house into a fruit market with his excessive grocery shopping, about how he refuses to handover the newspaper to anyone until he has read the whole thing TWICE -including all the ads ( am with u ammamma on this one – he even catches multiple shut eyes in between).

To ensure he is not left out in the lodging of FIR’s Daddy will complain about how ammamma has stitched the pillows on the arm chair such that he slides off, about how she keeps changing the furniture around (yes yes at eighty) and how she goes on about Mr So-So shopkeeper being a cheat coz of something he did or said sometime in his life!

But man are they a deadly team when required. Be it protecting their daughter and grand daughter from the hardships of life with Daddy ensuring no external party can touch us to ammamma ensuring that her children are enveloped by her love. They even manage to interchange these roles with ease.

They are the most selfless parents, always there for their children but never once have they restricted their children from doing anything just so that their children could be physically close to them (not even when they are in their 80’s).For the last couple of years, my mom was in Bangalore living near them, keeping an eye on them (to ensure no fourth sibling comes into the world) and they loved having her around – ! But the minute they heard of a job opportunity my mom had received in Scandinavia – Ammamma (who had just recovered from breast cancer) and Daddy knowing their daughter’s love for travel and sense of adventure – actively encouraged her to go. No guilt trips, no pressure nothing!

It’s no wonder that no conversation between their offspring is complete without mentioning “What a deadly duo they are”.

And their love for each other – it’s in the subtle things that they do – Once in a while before sleeping – Daddy will put his hand on ammamma shoulder and pat her as if to say “thank u” or “I am here” or ” you r a good girl”. Ammamma will reciprocate by putting her other hand on his hand as if to say “thank u to u too” or “Yes, and i am here too” or in typically ammamma chutzpah – “i know i am a good girl and u aint too bad either”

God bless Ammamma and Daddy (which is actually ironic coz i think of them as god incarnate) and keep them in fighting condition coz we need them!


21 thoughts on “The Grannies

  1. comfortablynam is amazing to have grandparents..but to have such a love to guide a true blessing..

    They are inspiration to not only you, but to all of us. God Bless.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Thanks Nam…! They are really wonderful people…u know even all their younger relatives – u know in their 20’s and all – like dropping in to meet Daddy and Ammamma! They are so fun!

  2. zephyr

    Came to your blog from Varsh’s. Couldn’t resist reading about grandparents πŸ™‚ they sound so wonderful. actually old age is the time to catch up with each other after spending one’s younger years caring for the children and family. at last it is the time for each other, and of course the children and grandchildren too. Lovely post

    Do visit me at

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      hi Zephyr- thank u – my grandparents mean a lot to me and i know i haven’t done justice to them with this post…but u can’t always capture wonderful people in words…

      Heading over to the blog now

  3. Swaram

    Wow! Grandparents r always fun πŸ™‚
    I so miss my grandparents .. they were amongst my best friends 😦

    Kudos to urs for being so brave and supportive .. they totally believe in the fact that they r there for each other no πŸ™‚

  4. Nuttie Natters Post author

    yaaa.!!! they r fantastic together…cant think of one without the other (thoo thoo!!!)…So sorry abt ur grandparents – why dont u write abt them.?? would love to read abt them.

  5. ajay

    Hi. Your post reminded me of my own grandfather who is no more. How can I forget how he would pamper us with love and affection. He would tell us stories of his times – how different the country was, the British in our country, Ramayana, Mahabharata, the value of rupee during his time etc….all of it was so amazing. Thanks Nuttie for causing those memories to come back. I almost relived those moments while reading your write-up. Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Grandparents are wonderful aint they? So sorry abt your grand dad – but u have his wonderful stories to remember him by…u really should put down some of his stories

  6. Spirited Seeker

    Hi Nuttie Natters! (Is it ok to call you Nuttie Natters?)

    I have come here from MM’s…

    Your “Daddy and Ammamma” sound sooo cute! It must be so much fun for you to spend time with them.

  7. The Restless Quill

    Hey. Came over from Mad Momma’s. And this post reminded me of my Amamma and Appupan. So many similarities except my Amamma died two years ago and it’s painful without her. She was my favourite person in teh whole world. My parents, husband, kids come close but she was my favourite. I miss her 😦
    And I liked this post especially because your love and respect for them shows without the post becoming a mush swamp πŸ™‚ I’m going off to read more stuff.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      hi rq—so sorry to hear about ur ammamma…i could sense ur pain in the comment…grandparents are special aint they…i feel bad for parents who keep their kids away from their grannies!

      Welcome to me blog – off to read ur blog!


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