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Of broken daredevils and broken hearts

It’s been 2 hours since Mumbai Indians thrashed, decimated, annihilated delhi daredevils and i just can’t stop grinning!!!

And of course I SHALL rub it into every single “taunt maroing” Delhi daredevil supporters! ppl have deleted me from Facebook profiles, switched off their phones, disconnected their door bells, and are scheming at how to pretend that i am invisible in office tomm!

but my chotu sa amount of blog readers – I shall not taunt you (can’t risk the number of reader’s falling to single digits).

So here goes all my support for Mumbai – the place I love and don’t love, the place I have spent the max years of my life(around 10 years), the place i met the Tall one and some of the bestest friends ever and

Bangalore – my home,where my grannies and mommy live, the place I have spent all my summer holidays and of course because of a certain Mr Rahul Dravid – the man I was in love with for so many years, who broke my heart when he married Mrs Dravid (fell in love with the tall one on a rebound I think), the man I almost married (that’s a story for another time) and my almost jeeja ji Mr Kumble – who broke my friend’s heart a few years before mine was broken into a million million pieces!
Sigghhhhh…heartbreaks are hard to overcome many years later also! (now u know why i dont show the Tall one my blog – he may not want to know he was a rebound case)

Anyway getting back to the IPL – So tell me who do u support and why?