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Marine drive – Mumbai meri jaan!

Sitting by marine drive

The place that represent Mumbai for so many of us.

Looking at the dark waters I wonder how many secrets have they hidden.

How many couples have loved, fought and broken up at its shores. Some for ever, some to be united again here.

So many of us have stared into these waters building dreams of our futures. Some became millionaires and some failed. They probably all came back and remembered the day they dreamt.

As I sit on marine drive with my almost 3 year old, I wonder if the waters remember the 15 year old who stood by marine drive and dreamt! I don’t remember what I dreamt, but I wonder if I am the same person.

I wonder if the waters remember the ambitious girl who had just started working trotting down the drive in uncomfortable heels after a day at work. I KNOW the ambitions are different, I don’t know what changed.

The young couple starting off their life together, siting in silence as they enjoy their togetherness and the black waters. We still sit in silence but the silence in broken by an endless chatter of a toddler

Mumbai or Bombay my city. Where I grew up in so many different ways. symbolised by the beautiful marine drive.

A piece of my heart will always be part of marine drive.

My hearts goes mmmm.mmmm.

I love rains in Mumbai and by Love i mean love love.

I love the overcast sky, the cold breeze, the heavy rain, the greenery! I love wandering out of Mumbai to all the lovely hill stations nearyby. I make it a point to get thoroughly drenched in the rain at least once. The rain makes me hum, makes me sing out aloud, makes me smile, makes me a happy person -even my skin is happier without the oily sheen that becomes my USP in summers. I cant explain it well but the rain makes me appreciate my loved one more. 

And to the horror of all other mumbaikers – I DONT MIND THE traffic jams. While i move at 10kmph, i fiddle with my phone and amuse myself by making sarcastic comments on my multiple whatsapp group – Example:

Friend: This city is pathetic yaar, the traffic is pathetic and thats an understatement

Me: Hahahaha

Friend: How can u laugh?

Me: See the Western Express highway is like God/Karma – u dont find ways to beat the traffic. U bow down to the greatness of the highway. I accept all that it has to give me and dont question it.

and since i think i am funny – i repeat this on facebook and to everyone i meet the next day

The truth is that the jams give me time to think – be alone in my thoughts and the music from FM fills me. From Direstraits & Def leppard to hindi oldies to songs from my teenage years to today’s jhinktak music – they all sound better in the rain. 

 It makes me poetic and it seems to be the reason i want to write and I am back here. THat and the fact that wordpress now opens on my office laptop.



Welcome my dear friend,

Welcome my dear friend,

It’s been a little under a year since we last met. I just need to see you to feel refreshed – I know you have this influence on a lot of people. Your perfume always signals your arrival. Nothing smells better to me.

You and I we go back a long time, you were always there to accompany me on my first day of school. While in the Andamans, you were there to welcome me every afternoon of the nine months you visited us – right as we got off the school bus truck. We jumped into puddles as we made our way home. Well I jumped and you elegantly pit-patted your way into those puddles. In college we met at marine drive where you throughly drenched me

Yes my beloved monsoons welcome !!! With you off goes the heat and the sticky face and in comes the cool breeze and feel of everything being anew.

A lot has happened since we last met. I have a son now – who I hope will love you as much as I do and not view you with the indifference his dad has or the dislike that a lot of people especially Mumbaites have for you!

You remember, last year in Bhandardhara – where i threw off the umbrella at the dam and got throughly wet! The friends declared me insane and foresaw all kinds of illness. Of course I didn’t know it at that time, but that would have been around the time, the Elf was conceived, so you see you did make your mark on his life very early. The year before last, a walk after gym in the rain made my day.

It was short visit by you today but everything looks so clean – so washed. The elf was asleep and woke up to a very excited mother telling him about the rain. He didn’t quite get what the excitement was about but loved the little rhyme on the rain that i insisted on singing to him

“It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The little baby is snoring,
He got into bed and missed the rain
WOken up to find his mom insane.

This year he might be a little young to greet you as i love to but maybe next year, he will throw off his umbrella and get drenched and joy the excited screams of all the kids playing downstairs.