Daily Archives: March 5, 2010

Listen noooo…

A Boring Thursday Morning – 10 am
Nut: Hellooo..whatudoing? (sing-song manner is very crucial)
Tall One: Kaam yaar – what’s happening?
Nut:u know what – yesterday 8 people visited my blog and today by 10 – i already have 5 visitors.
Tall one: cool (no interest whatsoever) – achcha bye!
Nut: No Listen Noooo… (tries desperately to think of something to say)
Tall one: hmmm….
Nut: Achcha today i will get to know my rating and bonus.
Tall one: (interest level shows a slight rising): No Hike?
Nut: I wont get…
Tall one: Am sure u will (The Tall One thinks the Nut is a lot more capable at work than she actually is). Achcha ab jaana hai!
Nut: Sniff Sniff!!! (co-worker gives strange look – what does he know abt how ignored the Nut is)

Boring Thursday Morning continues (12:00)

Nut: hellooooo…listen no ….now visitors number is already equal to yesterday..
Tall one: good – ok i got to go for a meeting – wont be available for 2 hours. (Sometimes i suspect he fakes meetings to get a respite from my calls)

Boring Thursday Afternoon (2:30) – pls note almost 2 hrs later – i do respect space πŸ˜›

Nut: helllooo – u ate?
Tall One: Yup…what’s happening? (decides pretend to be interested-nahi toh the u don’t have time for me whines might begin)
Nut: Achcha now na – i am at my highest number of visitors – same as Sunday – 15!
Tall One: Koi Kaam Dhanda nahi hai kya? (such faith from the man who thinks i am going to become CEO!!!)
Nut: Efficient hoon – multitasking!
Tall One: Ok Bye! (says to the God almighty – WHY GOD WHY?)

Boring Thursday continues -4:30 pm

Tall One: I am hungry – what to do???
Nut: Eat!!! (Ha…i am witty u see)
Tall one: What? (whine tone begins)
Nut: Go to food court and decide. Achcha listen…
Tall one (rudely interrupts): Ok How many visitors now…
Nut: 24
Tall One: (Visibly impressed): So how does it work, how do u know, is it the same people or unique visitors?(Host of technical consultant variety questions begins)…
Nut: My Stats says so _ Get lost (Grr…me no like the insinuations!)

Boring Thursday continues -6:30 pm

Nut: when u leaving?
Tall one: Now!
Nut: Already??? (thinks it head – have to reach home half hour before him and get my “me” time and kidnap TV/remote)
Tall One: Achcha V (my colleague and his friend) was saying bonus, hikes and all are out…
Nut: Yeah – i know i got to know at 11 only
Tall One: Whattttttttttt???? Why didn’t u tell me?
Nut: u dont have time to talk to me only!!!
Tall one: Wah Bhai!!! (Thinks it head – was she like this before marriage too??? To think i knew her for 5 yrs before D-day…Damn Damn)

Boring Thursday Over – Fun Thursday begins (TV viewing is fun!!! -and yes i lead a sad life)
Nut: Yipppeeeee – 30 people ….can u believe …more than double my earlier highest number of visitors!
Tall one: no response (can’t hear – is watching India get thrashed by Spain in hockey world cup)
Nut: Listen no0000….
Tall one: no response
Nut: for every time u dont listen one prawn taken away from ur pasta and put into my plate…
Tall one: What babieeeee???
Nut: 30 visitors…
Tall One: Oh cool – show blog!
Nut: Nope secret blog (note to self: Delete history on laptop)

Thursday Night (post midnight)

Tall one has slept and the Nut checks her blog for last time
Nut: (and it finally dawns on the Nut) Listen nooooo….why have 30 people visited and no one commented….
Tall One: Grunts and says – “Tomorrow”
Nut:?????????????? (p.s. how is tomorrow a relevant answer???)

So people – in case u feel for the Tall One and his sanity over the weekend and feel bad for the desperate NUT dropping all these “subtle hints” – do drop me a comment…coz else i shall spend the weekend obsessing.

Is this normal? To actually feel more excited about ur blog – than ur hike, bonus or rating????