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Of birthdays and ‘phoo’ing the candle – day4

So I am one of those who gets excited about my birthday … More because I love stressing out the tall one about getting me something for my birthday. When I was younger (read pre 30) the tall one had reminders on his phone telling him 100 days for nuts birthday – go buy a gift …68 days go buy another one and so on…

I have since grown up I only remind him 45 days prior to d-day.

And of course a birthday blog is never complete without the story of how once while planning a trip to Goa during my birthday, the tall one’s work looked like it may play spoil sport. In a moment of desperation I told him, this year my gift can be you coming to Goa. Can you believe he bought that. I didn’t even receive a chocolate that year. That was almost 5-6 years ago, the nagging he has received since has ensured this will never happen again.

Anyhooo- so My birthday is in 39 days…

I have been told I will be getting a
1. Christmas tree
2. Some umbrellas I can hold
3. A bike I can cycle on
4. Some shapes
5. Few alphabets
6. And some candles

And the elf claims that Dadu needs to give me a laptop. I like how the boy thinks !

I have also been told to make January over and make it march so that a certain 3 year old someone can have a birthday where he will phoo the candle and jump !

The genes have been passed on. The father is in big trouble … With 2 specimens who harp on their birthday …ha! Good luck tall one.