Seven Deadly Sins

So a darkcomedycalledlife had tagged me sometime ago and am finally taking it up. U see I have been busy – ummm busy playing “cafe world” on facebook. So this is my first tag and in my lurking days i thought i would be superb at tags – but i must say i was wrong. Anyway so here goes

I am supposed to reveal seven interesting but random things about me:

1.I can’t do one thing at a time – So if I am at work (it is implied that i work @ work) i will always be reading something on the net or in the dire situation of no internet access – I will work on 2 unrelated things at the same time. I have to play café world, pet society or some mindless game while watching tv, cooking or cleaning the house. Hell as a kid the best way for me to study was in front of the TV or while reading a novel!

2.I become obsessive about things which is soon followed by complete disinterest. If I I get hooked onto something be it dancing, playing the guitar, my silly facebook games – I get obsessed and my life will revolve around the current obsession. My sleep schedules, my google sessions,my multitasking (as mentioned above) all revolve around my latest obsession…and then suddenly I get bored and not touch it again. The only exception being books which I never tire of…If I am reading the book I have to finish it off that day (unless it is the suitable boy type books), I will walk on the road reading the book, exercise, eat, cook while reading – Currently my obsession of blogging/reading blogs is being interrupted by “café world” (facebook app – v silly I must add)- I hope I don’t totally loose interest! (please note my repeated use of the two words- cafe world)

3. I love reality shows to distraction – (yes darkcomedy I hate those annoying kid shows too) but the rest of them bring it on – I can sit thru whole episodes (in case I miss it I youtube it) of big boss, swayamvaar’s, American idol, beauty and the geek, roadies u name it and I will watch it! I don’t understand how people don’t like it – ok to defend myself I do have some kind of intelligence and a life.

4.I was a very very thin child and fairly slim throughout my teenage years (barring my tenth) – Post marriage of 3 years and no kids (i sometimes feeling like saying i had 3-4 kids to defend my weight) I have put on at least 15 kilos!!! …the Tall one and a couple of hormones are so responsible for it…the doctor actually told me that “sometimes after a stressful event people do have a problem”– referring to me moving out of home and getting married to the Tall one! Loosing weight and more importantly getting healthy is my primary motive this year. P.s. I belong to a family of thin “u must exercise” people who eat like no man’s business!!!

5. I am one of ‘those women’ who don’t go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over babies (unless related like nephews/nieces and cousins or close friend’s babies). I can play with a kid (age 2-9) for sometime but after that I am done. I don’t like kids who hit adults and are old enough to understand that this is not done, I don’t like kids who ask you what u have bought for them the minute they see you and whose world revolves around all those weird cartoon characters who exist now, I don’t like kids who think that dancing like bipasha or dressing up like Kareena Kapoor is the done thing. Basically this new age kids (Gen Z or whatever they are) befuddle me. I know I know I am a mean nut – its not the kids fault’s it is their parents who are responsible. At this point I must add – I love how mad momma is bringing up her kids…and nam while buzz baby is small I like how practical and sensible you are! – yes i read ur latest post and u are DEF not them parents i spoke abt above – just an awesome mom.

6. I am a “mommy” tail kind of person – I do fight with her, we do get on each others nerves but I know my choices in life are always affected by what will mama think, I know I speak like her, behave like her,we both have a similar fake polite laugh and a similar voice –Shucks, I have realized that I even argue like her and the worst part is I have always hated how she argues.

7.I am a very happy person (yes I do sob and have those noone loves me moments )– but by and large I am happy!!! (finds wood and knocks on wood)– I have been thru a lot in life (at least that’s what people say) and I have never felt like it was the end of the world or a big deal, I don’t feel depressed, I don’t get bogged down by situations, I never think my job is in a rut (it’s only a job) and I can always find solutions out of all situations….my only negative thoughts are anger and irritation which die down within 10-15 mins…And this is all due to my Tall one and my mom and my nana,nani (ammamma and daddy in my language)

P.s. i am more interesting that this — i promise i promise
Now i must tag 7 people – so here goes

Oh but before that one more random fact about me – i can’t count – so i have tagged 10 people

1. Nam – she is the sweetest ever (u see she always always comments on my blogs) hehehe…no seriously SHE IS THE sweetest ever with the cutest little Buzz
2. Whiney Mom – would like to know more about u sweetie
3. Di – We have 1 thing in common – Dravid broke our hearts – let me know more to compare notes
4. Nu – u like Mumbai and i like people who like Mumbai – so do take my this tag
5. Meira – i love the way u write, so here’s me being greedy
6. Asaaan – i know i know u dont know me – i have commented on ur blog just once – but lurk around often- love ur blog and the things u buy for ur house
7. Snippets – Your blogs do tell me a lot about u – but a little more to help me know u better
8. Memories and Mirages – i love love ur short stories – how about something abt u
9. Sunshine Days – i so identify with u on so many things!
10. Bongette Tales – u have been MIA…and hence this is a where are u tag


25 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins

  1. DI

    Ah! I do know you much better now 😀

    I was addicted to Cafe World in November! I was always thinking of my caramelised apples and french onion soup and Pumpkin pie. Till one day I had not net and all my food got spoilt and then I gave up 😦

    Oh and also, I too watch a lot of lame reality shows, esp ones with competitions et al, Roadies, Project Runway, Top chef, America’s next top model, and, erm, even Splitsvilla! Go ahead, judge me!

    Thanks for the tag, this would be the 4th time I would be spouting interesting, useful and world altering information about myself! 😀

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      are we twins seperated at birth…u sound like me…i love alll the reality shows u mentioned too!!! i love them all….Ooopsss sorry i had a feeling that this tag would have done the round previously…nevertheless would love to know more!

    2. Swaram

      I ws equally crazy abt Farmville DI .. always wondering whether my crops would go rot, what if they have nt been fertilized etc.. lol 😉

      and sigh! Dravid broke my heart too 😦 May be thatz y I landed here to find someone alike 😉

  2. Meira

    Ha! I bet parents never understood how you could study with the TV on, eh 😀
    ammamma haan. So are you from Gultland too?

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      no no i am from the mallu land…Ha…i did all my studying while they were away…Now if only they spent more time outside the home…Maybe i would have been einstein…it’s all their fault!

  3. the mad momma

    🙂 thank you so much. lets hope the kids like it too 😉
    btw – most women cant do one thing at a time. this ability to multitask is a curse if you ask me. i’m always exhausted at the end of the day!

  4. Titaxy

    #2 #6 and #7 – totally like me 😀

    thanks for tagging…will get working on it 😀 two people (including you) have tagged me to do this, so have to get it going 🙂

  5. comfortablynam

    Thanks for the kind words Nuttie..I feel a lot better now.. 🙂

    Laughing at the studying in front of the TV fraud..did you really get any studying done? 😛

    Oh the multitasking bit lands me in so much trouble..D keeps sending house work my way since I can multitask and he can’t…gaaahhh…

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  7. ajay

    Hi. Add me to the list of readers of your blog. I get to read about varied topics though cricket is my favourite(I hope you would write about it more often).
    I share your second deadly sin(sounds like we’re talking serious stuff here :P). I become obsessed with things/(person) I like and then a time comes when I completely loose my interest in them (though not in that person :)). I just can’t help it.

    And yes, even I had this habit of studying(esp. doing maths) in front of TV. There had to be some noise or activity while I studied :).Queer!! Isn’t it? But it’s gratifying that I am not the only one 🙂 . Waiting for your next post .

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  9. Nuttie Natters Post author

    @ ajay – same here…the noise is essential and yes i do enjoy cricket but not the sleep, drink and eat cricket varieties!

    @Nu – waiting waiting! and point 4…thank god there are some non size zeros around…but tell me 15 kilos???

    @ Diva – true mumbaiya style…everything runs in minutes, 1 min and u miss a train, 5 mins and u reach office 20 mins…do post more often

  10. Ms whimsies

    oh.. my .. God!!! it was sooo like reading about myself.. e.v.e.r.y single thing- multitasking, getting bored after being so obsessive about something, mommy-tail, happy person.. whoa! good to know you! 🙂 this blog is definitely in my reader now.. 🙂

  11. sraikh

    Interesting post.
    #5I wouldnt like those kids you talked about as well…

    Hmm I never got into any reality shows. I just lost interest after the first 20 mins. Is that good or bad.
    I think I did this tag already 🙂
    I dont have anything even remotely interesting left to tell

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