Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

Despite everything!!!

Yes we women have a long way to go in establishing ourselves as equal, learning to live without fear and compromise but there are something’s that we do that are pretty amazing:

1. The golden “multi-tasking” – we can make breakfast, eat breakfast, read the paper,pack lunch, hang out laundry, deal with the maid, the dhobi and the milkman while we get ready for work. The man in the meantime has just about read the paper, used the loo and got ready!!! & that’s only the ones without kids/in-laws staying with them!

2. We might be eve-teased, groped or worse still molested/raped – yes we react differently – we slap, we ignore, we cry, we protest, we blog – But eventually we are back in the “wild wild man-land” – knowing that what happened was not a one-off incident and could happen again.

3. We might be discriminated at work, sexually harassed, made fun of, called a bitch behind our back (if we are lucky) – we might have different ways of dealing with it – yet we go back to face the corporate world, some discouraged but there to support their family, some looking to climb the quintessential corporate ladder, some looking to discover themselves!

4. Don’t even get me started on the threshold of pain business – waxing, threading,dysmenorrhea, VOLUNTARILY bringing a baby from out there…Eeehhh..men they deal with stubbed toes and on an unlucky day being hit in the wrong place!

5.We are willing to take on the responsibility of another human being – yes yes the father is involved..but realistically its the woman who is primarily responsible (and wants to be too) for the health, behaviour and well-being of the kid.

6. Some of us – in the role as mothers, daughters, sisters or wives manage to create the most wonderful men who make the “wild wild man-land”, “the corporate world”, “the painy pain”, the children all worth having!

Happy Woman’s Day ladies! Yes it is special being us despite everything