Daily Archives: March 15, 2010

“My Side”

Now since I cribbed about the Tall one in the previous post – I really should mention something “so chweet” that he has done too (will help assuage my guilt…I actually had the highest number of visitors the day after I cribbed about him…gulp!!!)

So the other day – my bestestest friend “cheeni” came to stay with me for a couple of days as she was unwell and her hubby being out-of-town, i was deemed the TLC provider.So I promptly sent the Tall One to pick her up on his way back from work – adding another 20 mins to his 1.5 hour commute.

The Tall one reached home tired and when he is tired he looses his social skills and sits silent. (though he claims he spoke to cheeni on the drive home)…so that night I was nagging (god! I hate this word) him about how when “my side” comes he doesn’t talk and I am such a social butterfly (i really am!!) when his friends come…

Anyway – the next day he came home, and i was reading his ‘sms”es – i saw that he had messaged cheeni asking her what she had eaten, had she slept well, had her medicines…and i felt so small…here i had gone on about how he is with “my side”!! I guess everyone has their own way of showing their affection/fondness for others!

In other my side/his side news – My MIL is visiting for 10 days starting Friday! She ain’t the bahu burning variety nor is she the “I am your new mother” variety. We do ok – we don’t fight, we don’t crib to our son/hubby about each other (at least I don’t …do u mummy???), I don’t pass any sarcastic comments (I really wouldn’t like someone to do that to my mother) – i keep quiet when i don’t like something and she does too!

She fawns over her son (which can get my goat!!!- he aint that perfect u c— I am the perfect one) and manages my kitchen. Hell – i love passing on the kitchen duties to anyone…the only issue is that once the person is gone it takes me ageeessss to know what’s happening there..In fact my mom and MIL were with us in Jan and after they left i had just about figured and re-arranged the kitchen the previous sunday…when i realize MIL is on her way!!! Sigh – back to square one…

Anyway i resolve to be a good DIL, spend time with mummy and not let go of my kitchen – i hope it is not viewed as a power struggle but a sanity control instead..!!!

p.s. yes I am the types who check the spouses messages and believe me when I say that I check my husband sms only coz i think he send the funniest messages – i not jealous types…really really!