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U is for Ullu

I am an Ullu  – for my non Hindi readers Ullu is an owl! 

Say hello Finland, Russia and Mauritius and oh you from Australia too. I see you !! 

Of all the talents the Ullu has – the one I wanted the most is the ability to swivel my neck 360 degrees. Just imagine what fun I would have if I was standing in a bus and someone got too close, I could just turn 180 degrees and stare at them right back! How freaky and how cool would I be.

Anyway, instead of that my only ullu-ness ability is being a nocturnal animal. It’s ridiculous !  

I really really want to sleep early. Yo know be those ideal early to bed and early to rise types – the ones who have a high pony tail at 6 am and are all ready to run. Instead I go to sleep when most of these enthu cutlets are waking up.

Don’t think I am not aware of the conspiracy theory. The world is keeping me up to ensure the safety of the world. You know make sure it is spinning on its axis the right way or make sure the ghosts are staying in their own universe. And as a responsible citizen I stay up. So as the world sleeps I do night chowkidari (night watchman). 

The husband will not let me read before I sleep because apparently the light affects his precious sleep. The elf makes the afternoon conducive to mama taking a short 15 min nap so that she won’t sleep early again. This is the time when he raids the fridge for chocolates or pours out all our lotions into the sink.

And you tv programming people, I spend the whole day wondering what to watch on tv – how the hell do I find stuff after 11 so exciting. Why are you doing this to me.

And mr jobs – smart phone huh? I am on to your sneakiness. And yours to fb, Twitter and Whatsapp creators. And all you iPhone game creators.

Aaand ooooh my friends who so cunningly have placed themselves all over the globe so there is a constant chatter on Whatsapp whatever be the time.

The Atozchallenge creators – hmmmmph! And to all of you who influenced me to start this – hmmmmph and hmmmmph. Wait till May when I will sleep early once this is done. Someone else can look after the world between 11 to 330 then. 

This is my entry for U in the April  Atoz challenge and i am officially losing it. 

L is Live just really live the moment.

You know that moment when you are looking at an amazing sunset and then decide oh wait let me click it, then Instagram it, then share it across media and remember to hashtag it well.

That’s when you break the moment. The beauty of the moment and the thoughts you had are broken.

I read of this concept in the Dalai lama’s cat – mindful consciousness. It’s being totally aware and in the moment.

In today’s times of social media and so many distractions we lack that. Even now while I type this blog, I have the TV on.

When was the last time we drank a cup of coffee and enjoyed it as just that a cup of coffee. Early morning grogginess doesn’t count because you are not fully aware.

I for one just can’t do one thing. While I cook, rather than enjoy the process of smelling the spices and watching them mix, I switch on the washing machine, fill water, Google recipes, clean up.

Even while watching tv, I can’t just do that so I play games on my phone or chat or iron or google something which has caught my attention. I can’t just sit and watch TV.

I know it’s not just me. So many times you are out with friends having a great time when you either stop to capture the moment, check with friends if they like how they look, upload it and wait for comments. Or someone gets a ping on their phone and is visibly distracted by what’s happening on their phone. The moment is effectively broken.

I wonder if we are scared of being truly in the moment. And if so, what are we scared of ? Are we scared to really having those intense moments of peace and happiness.

Or are we just an extremely distracted generation. It’s not just us. It’s our parents too. They too have been dragged into this social media, too many things to do at once phenomena – though I do think they handle it better maybe because they are more responsible .

I admire the peace I see on my grandparents faces as they sit in the balcony in the evening and just look out. Together – watching the eagles soar, the sky change colour and the birds head home . Every single day.

I can’t stand at my balcony for more than 5-10 minutes before i am distracted and feel the need to click or check my phone or go back in.

We need to switch off other distractions and really live – live for the moment .

Maybe the reason we are so stressed is not because we have so many things to do and lead a fast paced life. Maybe it’s because we have too many things jostling for our attention and we think we to allow it all in.

Switch off your tv – it’s like another baby vying for your attention. And when you do watch TV- do just that. Maybe we will find TV a lot less junk if we reduce our exposure.

Refuse to check social media – it’s like the irritating person who cuts into people’s conversations or keeps interrupting your thoughts. Schedule some time everyday maybe twice where you take our 20 mins to check be on social media.

And even if you are one of those not into social media or TV – I bet you are in a minority if you know just how to exist in the moment.

We need to learn to breathe – breathe in and breathe out.

Live – just really Live every moment.

this is my entry for the April blogathon for the letter L.

Seven Deadly Sins

So a darkcomedycalledlife had tagged me sometime ago and am finally taking it up. U see I have been busy – ummm busy playing “cafe world” on facebook. So this is my first tag and in my lurking days i thought i would be superb at tags – but i must say i was wrong. Anyway so here goes

I am supposed to reveal seven interesting but random things about me:

1.I can’t do one thing at a time – So if I am at work (it is implied that i work @ work) i will always be reading something on the net or in the dire situation of no internet access – I will work on 2 unrelated things at the same time. I have to play café world, pet society or some mindless game while watching tv, cooking or cleaning the house. Hell as a kid the best way for me to study was in front of the TV or while reading a novel!

2.I become obsessive about things which is soon followed by complete disinterest. If I I get hooked onto something be it dancing, playing the guitar, my silly facebook games – I get obsessed and my life will revolve around the current obsession. My sleep schedules, my google sessions,my multitasking (as mentioned above) all revolve around my latest obsession…and then suddenly I get bored and not touch it again. The only exception being books which I never tire of…If I am reading the book I have to finish it off that day (unless it is the suitable boy type books), I will walk on the road reading the book, exercise, eat, cook while reading – Currently my obsession of blogging/reading blogs is being interrupted by “café world” (facebook app – v silly I must add)- I hope I don’t totally loose interest! (please note my repeated use of the two words- cafe world)

3. I love reality shows to distraction – (yes darkcomedy I hate those annoying kid shows too) but the rest of them bring it on – I can sit thru whole episodes (in case I miss it I youtube it) of big boss, swayamvaar’s, American idol, beauty and the geek, roadies u name it and I will watch it! I don’t understand how people don’t like it – ok to defend myself I do have some kind of intelligence and a life.

4.I was a very very thin child and fairly slim throughout my teenage years (barring my tenth) – Post marriage of 3 years and no kids (i sometimes feeling like saying i had 3-4 kids to defend my weight) I have put on at least 15 kilos!!! …the Tall one and a couple of hormones are so responsible for it…the doctor actually told me that “sometimes after a stressful event people do have a problem”– referring to me moving out of home and getting married to the Tall one! Loosing weight and more importantly getting healthy is my primary motive this year. P.s. I belong to a family of thin “u must exercise” people who eat like no man’s business!!!

5. I am one of ‘those women’ who don’t go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over babies (unless related like nephews/nieces and cousins or close friend’s babies). I can play with a kid (age 2-9) for sometime but after that I am done. I don’t like kids who hit adults and are old enough to understand that this is not done, I don’t like kids who ask you what u have bought for them the minute they see you and whose world revolves around all those weird cartoon characters who exist now, I don’t like kids who think that dancing like bipasha or dressing up like Kareena Kapoor is the done thing. Basically this new age kids (Gen Z or whatever they are) befuddle me. I know I know I am a mean nut – its not the kids fault’s it is their parents who are responsible. At this point I must add – I love how mad momma is bringing up her kids…and nam while buzz baby is small I like how practical and sensible you are! – yes i read ur latest post and u are DEF not them parents i spoke abt above – just an awesome mom.

6. I am a “mommy” tail kind of person – I do fight with her, we do get on each others nerves but I know my choices in life are always affected by what will mama think, I know I speak like her, behave like her,we both have a similar fake polite laugh and a similar voice –Shucks, I have realized that I even argue like her and the worst part is I have always hated how she argues.

7.I am a very happy person (yes I do sob and have those noone loves me moments )– but by and large I am happy!!! (finds wood and knocks on wood)– I have been thru a lot in life (at least that’s what people say) and I have never felt like it was the end of the world or a big deal, I don’t feel depressed, I don’t get bogged down by situations, I never think my job is in a rut (it’s only a job) and I can always find solutions out of all situations….my only negative thoughts are anger and irritation which die down within 10-15 mins…And this is all due to my Tall one and my mom and my nana,nani (ammamma and daddy in my language)

P.s. i am more interesting that this — i promise i promise
Now i must tag 7 people – so here goes

Oh but before that one more random fact about me – i can’t count – so i have tagged 10 people

1. Nam – she is the sweetest ever (u see she always always comments on my blogs) hehehe…no seriously SHE IS THE sweetest ever with the cutest little Buzz
2. Whiney Mom – would like to know more about u sweetie
3. Di – We have 1 thing in common – Dravid broke our hearts – let me know more to compare notes
4. Nu – u like Mumbai and i like people who like Mumbai – so do take my this tag
5. Meira – i love the way u write, so here’s me being greedy
6. Asaaan – i know i know u dont know me – i have commented on ur blog just once – but lurk around often- love ur blog and the things u buy for ur house
7. Snippets – Your blogs do tell me a lot about u – but a little more to help me know u better
8. Memories and Mirages – i love love ur short stories – how about something abt u
9. Sunshine Days – i so identify with u on so many things!
10. Bongette Tales – u have been MIA…and hence this is a where are u tag