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Seven Deadly Sins

So a darkcomedycalledlife had tagged me sometime ago and am finally taking it up. U see I have been busy – ummm busy playing “cafe world” on facebook. So this is my first tag and in my lurking days i thought i would be superb at tags – but i must say i was wrong. Anyway so here goes

I am supposed to reveal seven interesting but random things about me:

1.I can’t do one thing at a time – So if I am at work (it is implied that i work @ work) i will always be reading something on the net or in the dire situation of no internet access – I will work on 2 unrelated things at the same time. I have to play café world, pet society or some mindless game while watching tv, cooking or cleaning the house. Hell as a kid the best way for me to study was in front of the TV or while reading a novel!

2.I become obsessive about things which is soon followed by complete disinterest. If I I get hooked onto something be it dancing, playing the guitar, my silly facebook games – I get obsessed and my life will revolve around the current obsession. My sleep schedules, my google sessions,my multitasking (as mentioned above) all revolve around my latest obsession…and then suddenly I get bored and not touch it again. The only exception being books which I never tire of…If I am reading the book I have to finish it off that day (unless it is the suitable boy type books), I will walk on the road reading the book, exercise, eat, cook while reading – Currently my obsession of blogging/reading blogs is being interrupted by “café world” (facebook app – v silly I must add)- I hope I don’t totally loose interest! (please note my repeated use of the two words- cafe world)

3. I love reality shows to distraction – (yes darkcomedy I hate those annoying kid shows too) but the rest of them bring it on – I can sit thru whole episodes (in case I miss it I youtube it) of big boss, swayamvaar’s, American idol, beauty and the geek, roadies u name it and I will watch it! I don’t understand how people don’t like it – ok to defend myself I do have some kind of intelligence and a life.

4.I was a very very thin child and fairly slim throughout my teenage years (barring my tenth) – Post marriage of 3 years and no kids (i sometimes feeling like saying i had 3-4 kids to defend my weight) I have put on at least 15 kilos!!! …the Tall one and a couple of hormones are so responsible for it…the doctor actually told me that “sometimes after a stressful event people do have a problem”– referring to me moving out of home and getting married to the Tall one! Loosing weight and more importantly getting healthy is my primary motive this year. P.s. I belong to a family of thin “u must exercise” people who eat like no man’s business!!!

5. I am one of ‘those women’ who don’t go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over babies (unless related like nephews/nieces and cousins or close friend’s babies). I can play with a kid (age 2-9) for sometime but after that I am done. I don’t like kids who hit adults and are old enough to understand that this is not done, I don’t like kids who ask you what u have bought for them the minute they see you and whose world revolves around all those weird cartoon characters who exist now, I don’t like kids who think that dancing like bipasha or dressing up like Kareena Kapoor is the done thing. Basically this new age kids (Gen Z or whatever they are) befuddle me. I know I know I am a mean nut – its not the kids fault’s it is their parents who are responsible. At this point I must add – I love how mad momma is bringing up her kids…and nam while buzz baby is small I like how practical and sensible you are! – yes i read ur latest post and u are DEF not them parents i spoke abt above – just an awesome mom.

6. I am a “mommy” tail kind of person – I do fight with her, we do get on each others nerves but I know my choices in life are always affected by what will mama think, I know I speak like her, behave like her,we both have a similar fake polite laugh and a similar voice –Shucks, I have realized that I even argue like her and the worst part is I have always hated how she argues.

7.I am a very happy person (yes I do sob and have those noone loves me moments )– but by and large I am happy!!! (finds wood and knocks on wood)– I have been thru a lot in life (at least that’s what people say) and I have never felt like it was the end of the world or a big deal, I don’t feel depressed, I don’t get bogged down by situations, I never think my job is in a rut (it’s only a job) and I can always find solutions out of all situations….my only negative thoughts are anger and irritation which die down within 10-15 mins…And this is all due to my Tall one and my mom and my nana,nani (ammamma and daddy in my language)

P.s. i am more interesting that this — i promise i promise
Now i must tag 7 people – so here goes

Oh but before that one more random fact about me – i can’t count – so i have tagged 10 people

1. Nam – she is the sweetest ever (u see she always always comments on my blogs) hehehe…no seriously SHE IS THE sweetest ever with the cutest little Buzz
2. Whiney Mom – would like to know more about u sweetie
3. Di – We have 1 thing in common – Dravid broke our hearts – let me know more to compare notes
4. Nu – u like Mumbai and i like people who like Mumbai – so do take my this tag
5. Meira – i love the way u write, so here’s me being greedy
6. Asaaan – i know i know u dont know me – i have commented on ur blog just once – but lurk around often- love ur blog and the things u buy for ur house
7. Snippets – Your blogs do tell me a lot about u – but a little more to help me know u better
8. Memories and Mirages – i love love ur short stories – how about something abt u
9. Sunshine Days – i so identify with u on so many things!
10. Bongette Tales – u have been MIA…and hence this is a where are u tag