Memories of terror…

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Dear Politicians,

Your head honchos appealed for peace but my blood is boiling.

We are a nation on tenterhooks, choosing our words carefully. However, your flunkies like Uma Bharati and Ravi Shankar Prasad are shooting their mouth. A Barkha Dutt is attempting to silence you. Haven’t u done enough for the nation.

Dont u feel guilty of the blood you have shed in the name of God? Do u believe God wants a “house” to be made from blood stained mud. Dont u feel bad that the seeds of distrust u have sown in 1992, flamed further in 2003 continues to cause fear in our hearts 18 years later.

This city i live in – continues to be haunted. Yes the ghosts aren’t moving around in broad daylight. But dig deep and you will see it. I wasn’t here in Mumbai in 1992 – but i have heard stories from my friends. South Mumbai friends who had never witnessed anything like this before – Hindus and Muslims alike. They saw flames from their upmarket homes. They tell of people pulled out of their flats in areas like Cuffe Parade and murdered.

A close friend of mine – who dad’s is a muslim and mom’s a hindu once told me his experience. He is a privileged boy who lives in Peddar Road -yes his mom’s family had disowned her when she married a muslim. He the only son. A close-knit family – just the three of them. Then came the riots. Apparently his house was marked for “taking care of” coz his was the only flat in the name of a muslim.

They knew the hindu mob was coming. His dad asked his mom and him to go and hide with the neighbours. The neighbours were ok with taking in the kid and mom but not a pure muslim. His mom refused to go. The three of them decided to face the mob together.

Can u imagine the tension they went thru? The fear a 10-year-old felt – he could hear the mobs.. His father blaming himself for his religion, his mom praying for her husband and her son. Yes the mob was shooed away by the police. But the 10-year-old boy was scarred. No he didn’t become a terrorist…

But yes he is convinced that the he will marry only a hindu (and his dad insists too) – so that at least his kid will be 75% Hindu and hence safer. His dad didn’t want him to apply to IIM – Ahmedabad – any guesses why?? He talks endlessly of his dad and he are ganeshji devotees and never talks of the eid i know he celebrates.Every time friends taunted him of supporting Pakistan in a cricket match – it hurt…he had to be extremely vociferous about his support to India in a match…lest someone point a finger! He feels bitter…

In one of my “love your country” lectures…he actually asked me WHY SHOULD I? I know i can tell him about the other things that India has given him…but can i ever convince him enough to wipe out the memories of the fear he felt in 1992?

His memories may not ever be wiped out…but please help us not create any further non-erasable memories for our children.
Help us to continue to believe that God does exist!
And Help us believe that humans (you) have a conscience!

Just Another Nut

Disclaimer –
While i did mention only 2 leaders from the “Hindu party” there are muslim leaders making equally callous sentences. So in no way am i supporting either side. Please bury the pathars (stones) u want to throw at me -if i remember my science well- it will help prevent soil erosion.

38 thoughts on “Memories of terror…

  1. Titaxy

    Nobody should have to go through a horror like this. It only means we fail as a society…I don’t know why people don’t understand this. What a torture it must have been for the 10year old. Sigh.

    “His memories may not ever be wiped out…but please help us not create any further non-erasable memories for our children. ” – very well said.

  2. ajay

    A thought-provoking and timely post. Even if a Mandir or a Masjid were to be built on the disputed Ayodhya site, what difference would it make to people’s lives? We are so blind and stupid to fight over such petty issues. I’ve a few Muslim friends and it never crossed my mind that I’m a Hindu and they Muslims. Does it even matter? I think the seed of this hatred was sown long ago and history is a bit responsible for this clash. But we’ve come so far and it’s time we buried the hatchet and worked for what really matters. All this drama is nothing but bullshit. And media always stokes the fire. Damn the petty politicians and damn the overzealous media! Long live kindness, understanding and compassion.

    PS: Lol at the pathar bit. It will indeed prevent soil erosion πŸ˜€ Koi samjhaye those stone-pelter in Kashmir.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      History and the stupidity of not learning from our mistakes 😦 and also the stupidity of listening to the idiots we elect…Sigh!

      it’s a miracle i remember any science…phew!

  3. comfortablynam

    Tell me if someone really even cares about the Mandir or Masjid at that location. If it was up to me..I would say let the place be.. clear it out or make it a place for meditation. No religion involved. A place for everyone to visit.

    I came to Mumbai a year or so after the 1992 and the horror of that time was still itched all over the place. Horrible times for anyone to forget..

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Well the politicians care and apparently that’s all that seems to matter. A true victory for all would have been your solution but then again…how will that make our dearly beloved leaders look.

    2. DI

      Offices were closed, because people are still scared. How sad is that?
      I agree with Comfy, the verdict might seem ‘fair’ to some and ‘unfair’ to others, but the best thing to do would have to keep the place free of any religious connection whatsoever.

  4. Chinkurli

    Oh god, that truly is a horror story. No wonder he feels so strongly! If I’d been in his place, I don’t think I’d have handled it a million times worse. I do hope this thing gets settled once for all.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      and u know what Chinkurli…his wasn’t probably the worst story…there would have been people who were actually killed or actually witnessed a lot more prosection for the religion they belonged to.

      U think it will get settled…the re-appeal process wil start…all the mad men who run this country!

  5. Scribbler

    Unimaginable horror your friend went through..when they showed a similar situation in the movie Bombay,it was so terrible to gulp ! And this actually happening to a real life…

    I always tend to think after all these things that few years down the line there is going to be a revolution in the country where in people will come out on roads and protest against these people ruling the higher rungs and dictating terror,price hikes and the likes !

  6. The Other Side of Life

    That’s a really sad story! I have actually never heard any first hand accounts, so this felt really bad..Hope that someday India will be a Utopian society where no one cares about religion – mazjid or mandir. The only thing that would matter would be life, irrespective of creed, caste or religion!

  7. celestialrays

    I have heard about a traumatic experience that my friend, a Muslim, went through, and my hair stood on its ends…. Seriously, what’s with all these idiotic fights? What do they want to prove?

  8. Pepper

    I blog hopped my way here. Your post made me relive the horror. I am from Mumbai and I was barely 6 yrs old when the 1992 riots happened. One of my worst memories involve getting home from school when every road was closed, cars were being set on fire and bikes were being pelted by stones. Well, that is a long story. But reminders like these make me feel thankful for being safe, healthy and alive.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Hi peppers…welcome here…

      It must havee been extremely traumatic for a lill child – wondering what the fuss is about 😦 but like u said…yes we are lucky to have not been outwardly hurt by the experience

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  10. zephyr

    That was a chilling account of a child’s terror. If only the media and the politicians acted a little more responsible!

    Left alone, the two communities would pray in the same space and no conflict would ensue. After all, no religion preaches hate — only politicians and media do.

    Whatever understanding is there between the communities is being fanned into a conflagration by the media — you only have to listen to them goading the leaders and asking the Muslims if they should take it lying down. Any peace loving person’s anger would be stoked by such incendiary questions and comments by the great media which thinks it is the government and judiciary put together. They think that being anti-majority means being secular and this acts in the reverse. But who is to silence the Barkha dutts and the Sardesais, who have little idea of the havoc they are creating in the name of

  11. piyu

    It is really pathetic how these manipulative politicians get elected, despite such horrendous actions :(.
    PS: Congos on the BlogAdda pick πŸ™‚

  12. Anonymously Disguised

    I could feel the horror your friend went through. My aunt still shudders when she talks abt the riots. It was just a miracle and the love of her Hindu neighbours that saved her life that day. She refused to ever go back to her favourite city after that horrible day.

    Beautifully written Nutty. You made me πŸ˜₯


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