Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

Fume Fret!

I am not sure if I want to fume and fret about the Tall One in a public forum – but since I am as of now anonymous and the tall one is only read out the blogs I want him to read, I guess I can risk the same.

Is it only the spouse who can invoke a deep sense of irritability in u??? What started off as a regular conversation -regular admonishment of his behaviour- became such that everything he says has irritated me. In any other mood I would have probably let all the stupid statements go by. I am so irritated and the worst thing is that the man knows i am irritated and what does he do – Goes to sleep!!!

It’s always like this when we argue, I can’t sleep until we make up and are friends…where as the Tall One He can sleep…am so cheesed off…and i really wanted to sleep early today…am so dead beat am feeling feverish!

Ok in good news – u know the guy i ranted about in

, well I finally got back to him in true “Nut” style (meaning under the belt!!! Haha)…
A bit of background is that I have been following up with this guy for a month on something I need him to close out but him being him and inefficient he hasn’t got done despite constant reminders.

Anyway, he needed some data from me urgently for a review with the head( which of course being the inefficient dude he is – left it for the last-minute). At first I thought I would just ignore his mail and pretend I was not at my desk and hence didn’t see my mail. Thought the better of it and sent the mail saying marking his boss (he had marked his boss in his requirements mail) saying “pls note the quick response and reciprocate with similar response time” and i added a smiley πŸ™‚ (to show that i could be joking)

Lol – the dude has since lost his supercilious smile and sidey comments – he has learnt the art of politeness!!! The next time i met his boss he told me that he appreciated that i responded so soon and is asking the a** to close out what i had been following up on!

Lesson for the day: Dont take panga with the NUT -and i have just realized that I AM OH SO MEAN! my mother would be ashamed of her angel!

Strange but I do feel better after blogging!