We the people

Today is supposed to be a historical day for the Indian Judicial history – Kasab’s sentencing – the fastest sentencing in the Indian Judicial system.

Yet i feel unconcerned! I look around me – my office has multiple’s TV on with news channels which proclaim “Kasab guilty on all 86 charges” – people around me continue with their work. No whoops of cheer, no debates on should he be given life imprisonment or death sentence – Nothing.

Yes, the papers are full of victims who want justice – the little 11 year old who was shot wants Kasab to be given death, Tukaram Omble’s daughter wants him publically hung, One of the wife’s of the cops who died feels that this is going to be a prolonged case like that of Afzal Guru- yes they still feel the pinch coz they were the real victims.

We, the non victims – We have moved on…

This from the city which rose with fury post 26/11. We couldn’t believe how people could just walk into our beloved city, walk into our hotels, stations, houses, roads and hospitals and just fire. We felt scared – we felt violated. Yes, We wanted Kasab hung, shot dead publically, we wanted a more responsible government, we wanted a change in politicians, we wanted war with pakistan, we wanted some return on the huge taxes we paid, we didn’t want to be taken for granted. For the first time citizens united to show our fury – on blogs, facebook, candle light marches – we promised to make our government more accountable!

The aftermath – Mumbai had a low voter turnout during the elections post 26/11, we still have a porous border, we know where security is lax and don’t demand that more security precautions be taken. We still have policemen without adequate arms…there is no perceivable difference in our security! The politicians who predicted this was just a flash in the pan were right…they just needed to say the right things for the next few months and then go back to life as usual!

(No i am not being holier than thou – i am ashamed to admit i am guilty of many of the above mentioned lapses!)

So what killed the fury, our promises, our demands —?

Was it the decision to have such a democratic trial for the murderer which made him seem more human- reports of his demands for biryani, his smiles, his daily life, his illness…(I dont want to rant at the media – but some monsters need to continue to be seen as monsters)

Is it in our basic nature as Indians to accept everything as fate – karma, destiny et all? Or do we need a deadly reminder to get up once again?

Is time really a healer? Do we need such healing which makes us so immune to our country and our city? I wish that if and when Kasab is sentenced to death – there is no appeal at the supreme court, my office starts clapping, there is celebration on the street, Facebook updates declare victory on terrorism (small steps ppl!) and people once again wake up and say – “Jagao Re”…

Is this too much to ask for? Isn’t Kasab’s sentencing more momentous that Mumbai Indians entering the finals?

35 thoughts on “We the people

  1. piyu

    I came to know about it when my colleague opened up rediff and told me 😦

    I guess we have all lost faith in our judiciary system.. I know I have .. Don’t even get me started on politicians.. with such people running our government, there is really not much hope for improving things..

  2. Siddharth

    you know i have a foreboding that he will be let off with something as undeserving as a life sentence… so he can be a state guest for the rest of his life…
    And even if he is sentenced to death some or the other useless Human Rights organisation will contest it in SC… i wish they had stood up for all those innocent people’s human rights when these guys decided to spray bullets willy nilly! I can’t tell ya how angry I am at this. People were killed and someone will still have the audacity (for necessity to not use a less parliamentary term) to appeal against the decision. Why does he deserve any consideration on the basis of human rights? Even if he says he was a minor at the time, did he think before he took up that gun… what did he think? that he was going for some kind of perverted party?

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      I have the same feeling Siddharth .Someone on TV called it “Burden of democracy” our judicial system..

      U really think the normal citizen matters more than our judicial system and our minor terrorist Kasab??

      U must b joking…we are the fools who are there to fill the coffers and then will meekly keep quiet at all kinds of injustice.!

      1. Siddharth

        that is so not fair!!! And the worst part is that there will be internal as well as external pressures on India to not sentence him to death… And eventually hard earned money of the very public he had attempted to kill and injure will be used to feed and clothe and protect him….
        Why can’t we for once just leave him open in public and let the public have their way with him? i am sure more than one Indian out there wants to kill this guy personally just to set an example to anybody even contemplating something to bizarre and in your face! Because more than kill people or damage heritage sites what this bunch of troublemakers achieved is to expose the gaping holes in our security… literally slapping us in the face…. I am sure this is not what the Father of the Nation meant when he said that when slapped we should offer the other cheek. Reminds me of that bit in Lage Raho Munnabhai where he says that if Gandhiji were alive today he would die of shame seeing what the citizens of this country that was so dear to him…

        1. Nuttie Natters Post author

          Siddharth – Like Chinkurli said this is one man who executed the plan- there are the ones who have master minded it who will continue to do so !

          They have many more Kasab’s in waiting…

  3. chinkurli

    The one thing that’s been on my mind since this morning: Kasab’s verdict can only be symbolic in a sense. We managed only to catch one guy – who was not one of those who plotted this whole thing or anything, just a misguided messenger. Unfortunately, the small fry got trapped, while the big fish are scot-free. It’s like treating one of the symptoms, and not the root cause of a disease!

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Thats true Chinkurli…Do u think one of the root causes is the fact that citizens dont demand better security systems, dont demand to know what is being done to protect us?

      We can’t stop the way the terrorists think but we can kind of stop them from reaching the common man!

  4. celestialrays

    Two things I grasped from the news that left an impact were –
    1. They said Kasab’s living was important to trace back who are really responsible for it. After proving him guilty, we still don’t have a clear picture of who perpetrated the attack.

    2. Mrs. Salaskar expressing concern that if democracy protected the rights of a criminal, what about those of the victim and his family?

    I guess as Indians, we have “chalta hai” inbuilt in our system, no?

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Yes chalte hai – and we blame it on our politicians, the systems and if nuthing else our phooti kismet.

      Yes – at the end of the trail – Wow…apparently we can blame Pakistan – i thought we already did !

      The victim unfortunately will be given rewards and flowers and chowks named after them, have politicians visit them…that should suffice no?

  5. Zephyr

    That’s the irony of the political system of this country. A criminal is protected, a terrorist given biryani in his cell and the victim gets a chowk named after him! Indians are passive most of the time and allow themselves to be trampled upon. You aright, time to say Jago re!

  6. viswajithkn

    I have tried quiet a bit to come with an argument contrary to what you said. But I cannot. The other day I was reading an article thru Mad Momma’s blog. About how certain tribes in our country insert hot rods in to young kids mouths to get rid of certain tummy troubles…supposedly treatment. Compare that to whatever happened in IPL?

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      We r all so helpless isn’t it…for some its food, for some shelter and for some security…maslow’s basic requirements not fulfilled…sometimes because of we being us…Welcome here Vishwa…

  7. Krishna

    Great post … to add to this — there should be more citizen groups focused on this — safety and taking our leaders to task. We need to amalgam as one people. Start groups, co-operate with each other, become our own police — in short — we need a cultural revolution.

      1. Krishna

        Whenever I used to see people “cut” a queue .. my blood would boil and whenever I would protest there was always a few people to tell me — “Chaltha hai”. This chaltha hai attitude will do us no good.

  8. comfortablynam

    We don’t really care..do we.. We make a BIG fuss when something happens..and then a couple of weeks later everything is forgotten. We go on as if nothing out of the place went on. The media proclaims it the ‘Indian never give up spirit’ but I think as a country we have learned not to care about anything (but for IPL) till it is not our immediate family that is affected.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      sad but true comfy…we are self centered…we as citizens get walked over because we let them…we might start movements but never end it…It’s a wonder that it was our very own ancestors who got us freedom!

  9. Anjali

    Accountability is paramount. Porous border, weak gear for our policemen, less than adequate training for them… all these need to be shouted about over and over again, till the government does its job.

  10. maverickshree

    I think every Indian has the same feeling about Kasab trial..I think in India cases should be closed faster..this is the the first case which is handled rapidly but still it took almost 2 yrs. I am expecting Kasab to be hang till death in full public view.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Fingers crossed Maverickshree..it might be a small consolation for the feeling of violation which he provoked.

      But like chinkurli mentioned he is only the pawn…the ideator is elsewhere and free!

  11. Preeti

    Every Indian feels the same. “Hang him” “Kill him” While the verdict is a good news, the fact is he is but one pawn in the whole nefarious system! There are so many more victims who need justice – the Delhi blasts, the Pune blasts, the Bangalore blasts. Public memory may be limited, but when aroused they do wonders, like in the Jesica Lall case. Lets hope this one doesn’t die down. Glad you wrote about it!

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  13. sundar39

    We, Indians have one trait – submission. Put it on the Almighty and “chaltha hai” attitude. Politicians cash on this. We meekly submit ourselves. You think change will come soon? I doubt it. Politicians wont allow us to come out of the stuper.

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