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The Lioness and her cub!

It started with the naming of the cub…Old boring names were suggested, the lioness put her paw down and the cub had a name which allowed her to be “with it”

Circumstances had made the cub timid – some might say clingy…the cub slept on top of u…when the lioness needed to change sides, the cub got off and once the side was changed, the cub climbed back on once again…I wonder why u recall this so fondly…when u probably couldn’t sleep at night. It’s amazing that the clingy cub was delighted to move into her own room at age 6. Did u have anything to do with it?

At age five – the cub went and had an accident…one where there was the possibility the cub wouldn’t walk again…the recovery period took a year and 2 surgeries and apparently I went through a lot of pain…but look maa I can walk perfectly. It’s been 23 years, so why do your eyes still fill up? Yes, the scar on my right leg is huge and everyone notices it. You made me confident enough to wear skirts without being conscious about my scar, to ignore the stares of the less subtle, to not want plastic surgery when I was getting married (as recommended by many parlour aunties – lol)

The lioness ensured her cub was protected from many bitter truths…maa – the cub has grown up sane despite the truths..and all thanks to you! No she is not traumatized or hiding the same…she is a normal human being! Things happen – not your fault mamma…never was and never will be!

The lioness had her antenna’s up – she had to protect her cub from certain hunters in their jungle – the hunters have packed their bags and gone. The cub has forgotten the hunters – but remembers the endless games played with the lioness, the books read with the lioness and the endless conversations. The cub is safe…your antenna’s can come down.

The lioness has taught the cub the tricks of the jungle – Being independent, the importance of family, loving unconditionally, being positive, being strong (physically and mentally), being fun loving, being a mother, daughter or a friend- the cub may not be as adept at you but she will always know that is possible to be so adept and have the courage should circumstances arise.

But mamma, the cub is 28 now – a strong independent woman. The cub is happy -so mamma lion – let your gear down, freely roam your jungles or in your case the roads of Europe !


I have to add this: mailed my mamma this (anonymous blog and all) and this was her response:

Dear Cub,
I am all teary eyed now and full of so many emotions! My biggest accomplishment., I have always maintained is to raise you and I am so proud of the young woman that you are. You are good, kind, hassle free and my biggest moral support, my crutch, my joy and happiness. That you will always be-no matter how old I or you are!All I want is that you should be happy-no matter what and I will always be there for you-no matter what -just as my parents showed me how
Love you so much baby

Thank u blogadda for the mother’s day contest – i am not very good at telling my mom how i feel about her and this was just the thing i required!

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