Monthly Archives: June 2010

A thousand moons

…At 84 years, u are supposed to have seen a thousand full moons and that’s just what my Daddy has done…Ladies and Gentlemen – my grandfather turns 84 today! The first man in my life! My hero…my memories of you are so many…it seems like i am your child and not your grand kid. At age 3, I remember crossing the cattle trap very carefully to come to your office from our house…i was spending my holidays with u and it was a ritual i had to come and spend time with u… I have heard a million times, the story of how u fell while carrying me and how u kept me in the air…so that i wouldn’t get hurt I remember accompanying u to the post office and the bank every morning during my summer holidays in your beige maruti car…Though till date i dont know why anyone would need to visit the post office and the bank every alternate day u were there to drop me off to B-school. u were so proud when i got my joining letter. u wrote me letters and quotes about being a “good” person…yes most are too idealistic for me to follow…but i know that i will always value those ideals in another human being. U taught me that respecting your parents, looking after your parents, respecting your spouse and loving your children selflessly are the most important things in life…that Daddy i think i have learnt…I may not do it as well as u…but i try and do the same in the best way i can. It meant the world to me that you “gave” me away in marriage and the reason i sobbed so much thru the wedding was seeing the look on your face…i am always daddy’s little girl and i no will be paraya dhan or whatever other mean things the priest said i was. i can’t think straight or write straight coz i am so overwhelmed with emotions but.. Daddy – today i pray for u to be around us for a long time…I want my children to know u…i thank god for keeping u so well and giving u to us…when i see u (& ammamma) i know that a god exists! God Bless (Thoo thoo)

Witness Protection Plan

Thats where i was….i saw “something” that could endanger national security and hence was made to disappear…It had nothing to do with being overworked, lazy, feeling a sense of detachment with nuttie natters, falling ill, generally feeling lousy and totally loosing control of my life! I was MADE To disappear by the Government to save all of u from “it”.

Ok…now that we have that out-of-the-way and u now know what a brave “girl” i am and how much i do for all around ( i can read ur minds…i am out schizo – its true)….

well…Anyway i think i am back —my life just spiralled out of my hands as it sometimes does…nothing major happening…just the usual….So thank u guys who sent me such sweet messages…i have been reading ur blogs off and on…but now i am back to read, comment, BE FIRST ON THE COMMENTING (Nu, Piyu or whoever is winning nowadays…watch out) and ohhhh yaa try and write something too…