Daily Archives: May 18, 2010


A couple of nights ago, i chanced upon a blog which made me sob…

It’s not the first time that i cried after reading a blog but what made me feel worse was that i *gasp* knew the blogger. She is a good friend of mine – a colleague from work – When i was in bangalore we used to have lunch together every day of the 8 months i worked there. She was one of the few colleagues i invited for my wedding (the rest were reception types). We don’t keep in touch too much now…But yes i would think of her as a friend more than a colleague!

We spent so much time discussing my upcoming marriage, her unluckiness with men, another friend’s problems with her inlaws and conception…how to loose weight…i thought we discussed it all…the three of us *lunch buddies* as we were called.

But i read her blog and i realise how much she still hurts for her father who passed away 6 years ago this May. I knew her dad had passed away, i knew that it was sudden…but i didn’t know that she had seen her dad standing in the rain a couple of days after he passed away. I didn’t know she was so sad inside…i didn’t know that time doesn’t make things better…I didn’t know that she wrote such lovely poetry…

I am sorry P…for all the words i didn’t hear! i feel guilty for being such a superficial friend…i wish i could make it up and tell u i know.

I initially wondered why she kept all this inside her…and then i realized that she had an outlet – her blog.!!

Did i leave a message – No? Why…Well i felt like i was invading her privacy!

It got me thinking…i dont want someone from my “real” world coming here…this is my space …anonymity gives me comfort!

I like the fact that i am getting to know u people…i am more open to knowing u *off the blog and in the real world* than i was when i started this blog.

But i know one thing for sure- i dont want people i know in “real world” to know that i blog. Anyone close to me who suspects i have a blog will recognize this blog as mine! I dont want that so off goes the photo for one…!!!