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The Deadly Duo

I was scared…very scared…it’s that time of the year when u go to visit the in-laws…the in-laws to be precise refer to my MIL and my grand mother in law.

They have been torturing me demanding this since 4 months of marriage (I AM NOT EXAGGERATING) – yes however dramatic i make it sound…u all know I am talking about a baby!

Initially i did try to give the gyaan on career and being ready and all that, but those pretty much went this way

The dutiful bahu aka me: Want to do blah blah in career and blah blah
The baby wanters: Woh sab toh theek hai but bachche sabse zaroori hai (That;s all cool but kids are most important)

The dutiful bahu: You need to mentally ready, financially blah blah
The baby wanters: Hamare jaane ke pehle Tall one ke bache ke saath khelna hai (Before we go to say hello to the good lord, we want to play with the Tall one’s kids)

So ultimately i decide to do what i do best: SMILE and act deaf dumb and blind!

Usually the Tall one is spared this discussion or disappears from it. Apparently Tall one ko toh bachche bahut pasand hai (Tall one really likes kids)…so it must be all my fault…coz i think that they think in my free time i go around spanking kids!!! Hmmmph

So anyway to get back to the main story…i was really worked up before going to Delhi…coz nowadays the pressure is immense…worrying almost…so i went to get advice to shake the baby wanters off

So i consult my very intelligent friend A who tells me of her even more intelligent friend hence forth referred to as EMI. even more intelligent

Now EMI’s MIL asked her about kids…pat comes her reply “Try toh kar rahe hai but G (EMI’s Husband) ko tests ki zaroorat hai…(we are trying but G needs some tests).

apparently EMI’s MIL has been silenced since.

Armed with this knowledge i went to Tall One and said that this time if he escapes when the topic starts this would be my answer…he of course didn’t cooperate with my idea..and being the eternal optimist he said he would handle it with some elaborate discourse on the future of his career.

So anyway armed with our superior weapons – The first being a consultant’s 4 year horizon plan on our future and the second an atom bomb to my husband’s ego, we bravely left for Delhi.

Ummm…well it was an anti climax…we hardly got any baby questions other than the fact that when Tall one was being congratulated for his promotion…i was told that my next promotion was to be of a “different” kind.

to tell u the truth i was getting freaked out that noone was asking…maybe they had some grander scheme in mind like voodoo or something to ensure the baby reaches my tummy when i eat an apple or something

Anyway…Singing La La La…The tall one and the nut are leaving for Mumbai when…

MIL : Next time this year i want an addition to the family
MIL : Yes Yes next year THIS time

GMIL: Mera Jaane ke pehle (BEfore i go)
Tall One: Kahan Jane ke pehle? Bangalore? (Before u go where? Bangalore)


MIL : NUT, are u listening
Nut: No Mummy
MIL: Tall One,Are u listening
Tall One: NO

Ha! We are a team after all!!! Hi-Fi!

p.s. do u think a puppy qualifies as an addition? Do u think my MIL would have found me cute if i mentioned a puppy!!!


Hurricane baby turns 1

Dear Baby Hurricane,

I still remember the day ur dad announced to us – that they were going to have a baby. i remember feeling a little like – “why god why” -(Joey from friends style). Gone were the impromptu weekend plans, the late night tabboo and teen patti sessions, dinner parties, the going away on a holiday…Sigh! i remember not wanting one of us to grow up.

But i can proudly say we have done all of the above mentioned things even with u around…except the impromptu weekend plans…which we never made anyway…u know with ur dad around – impromptu plans are thrown out of the window.

And i think all this is a testimony to what a wonderful baby you are. You never once wimpered on the long drive to panchgani, you never once cried or slept thru our boistorous tabboo, jenga and teen patti sessions, you slept thru your first movie in the movie hall as a three month old, you let ur mommy and daddy go out for dinner, you endured the smoke and noise in goa…

And yesterday sigh u turned One!

I can’t believe it’s been a year – a year since an excited Tall one and an excited Mema (Me – In malayalam – mema means father/mother’s younger sister) came to meet you. Yesterday as your “Happy Burrday” cake was being cut, i felt my eyes go wet! i dont know why…they just did.

Of course the mood changed when i heard this really cute song and saw u dancing in that nut’s daddy’s handsalbeit with a frowny face.

I sometimes wonder why i we adore u…is it just coz u are such a munchkin or is it coz ur dad & mom are the bestest couple friends we have. or is because we have watched u grow in ur mommy’s tummy and then watched u grow from a ugly little bean like thing to the round little golgappa.

Maybe cause we watched u grow in fascination despite while these 2 beer guzzling, tabboo and teen patti playing adults grapplled with this whole parenting business. We watched ur mom play with you like u were a toy…right from annoying you with booties…yes we will spank her. We watched ur dad proudly talk about his “son”. We watched them evolve into “real” adults.

Somewhere in a small way, u changed us too..I can’t help but smile when u show me those six little teeth…including the four which bit me real hard. Thinking of you take ur first steps makes me feel proud.

Baby boy – u may not “technically” be family but u hold a special place in our hearts..and we both love it when u recognize us more than your grandparents (Ha!) and jump into our hands. Yes, we are pathetic like that and all.

May the world let u remain the happy little baby…may ur cute little frown remain and if u are really really lucky…may u stop looking like ur father and look a little bit more like ur beautiful mom.

God bless mah little hurricane,

Lots of love
(p.s. when u grow up u will realize i am better than the TAll one and jump more into my hands…hmmmph why him more than me – of course we keep score)


Now i know u guys well and No this is not an indicator that i am ready for a baby…my next post shall proove that..!!!!

Musing from an aeroplane window

Darkness is always associated with something evil or something depressing.
But we who live in the city don’t know what darkness is.
You realize when you look out of the window from a dimly lit night flight.
You are flying over deserted land and see darkness…so dark and beautiful – so peaceful and serene.
You wish you could sleep every night in this environment.
Am sure the weariness we feel would be lifted if only our nights were as dark as this

You realize in wonder that the world is round after all
when beyond the darkness, in the horizon you see a light pink light.
In that land beyond, someone is packing their bag to go back home,
Someone is looking forward to the best time of the day with their family
They have a little bit of the day left – just a little bit.

And then you see your city from the air.
So beautiful at night with all its lights
The lights look like a cluster of diamonds
The dirt, the slums, the ugliness all hidden
You feel a tug in your heart
A city you have spent 13 years of your life.

There was a time when this city meant
Coming home to mamma,our happy life here – shopping, fighting et all
It meant friends and hostel and all the madness that friendship involves
Today sometimes the city seems a mechanical place where i drift in and out of an office
But then comes the weekend and the city transforms
To a happy place with my home, friends and my weekend life
Ensuring i can never be indifferent to this tough city

The flight lands,
I have been away from this city only a day
A few minutes of “intense” coordination see me in my comfortable swiffy reddy (red swift…duhhh)
With him who makes any place home.

Where is the Nut? What’s on in her world?

The nut world

– Visits goa once again…tans once again…the only person in the history of the world to tan while it is raining…!!! Dont ask me how…but i look burnt! and yes i did use SPF 60

– She who associates goa with relaxation learnt otherwise. Cute baby R is now a nine month Hurricane baby R…oh yes he is still a coochie moochie soochie coo…but he kept us on our toes…considering he can’t walk yet, it’s amazing he can get u so tired…but then he holds out his hand to come to you and smiles with his six teeth and u can “kind of” understand why people do this baby business

but until we become part of this baby business…NO holidays with babies…they are tiring!!!

The good part is a non relaxing long weekend makes it easier to get back to the slave drivers aka money providers.

– Falls ill in goa…Sob Sob…comes to work ill…no sympathy shown by slave drivers…*must have baby and go on maternity leave just to serve them right*

– did i mention the slave drivers have been creating havoc in the Nut’s yoga world…it’s been ages since she was “allowed” to leave for the same…Hmmmmphhhhh…

– Reads an awesome book – museum of innocence- must remember to review it

– must must renew passport….why mention it here…my blog so why not

– falls more in love with The Tall one…

My take on everything

There is a total dearth of exciting things happening around me – a surprisingly cooperative Tall one, a seemingly sane Cheeni, the same work cribs, no wordless pics, no political or social affairs i feel strongly about- Damn i have nothing to blog about!

So in an attempt to prevent my blog was disappearing off the face of this earth – i have decided to review all the things i did/saw this weekend.

To start off with

Indian Ocean concert – They played at hard rock on friday evening. While some head banged, sang along, woo hoo ed and clicked snaps… there was one girl (u who dont agree and say woman – click on the cross on the top right) who didn’t get it…yes they have a couple of memorable songs – Kandisa and Ruk Jao Bande which she did sing along to…(i say the melody she creates) but most of the time she was engrossed in how the teeny-boppers of the world acted oh so cool with their oversized bags, low jeans, strappy dresses. A little bit of “Excuse me”, instead of rudely pushing someone might not drastically affect your cool quotient..me thinks.To add to all her agonies, her pwetty-pwetty red high heeled shoes were just the wrong accessory for a concert which required her to stand from 9 to 1…Sob…my feet still hurt and no i will not buy an Indian ocean CD! and yes i will lecture teeny boppers on manners…and the embarrassed Tall one and Cheeni can continue to pretend not to know me…

Onto the movie reviews

Aisha – Please dont ostracize me but i enjoyed it. I love a chick flick and i quite enjoyed it. The story line seems to be pretty much copied inspired from Clueless. i dont get why no reviewer sees this similarity and continues to say it’s based on Emma. Hello -makeover of new girl in town, hooking her up with guy interested in you while she is actually likes someone else, she then falling for the guy u like but dont know that u like…Hello Hello?? Clueless!! While i dont think there is much to rave about the acting…what acting…they needed to be pretty much be themselves..i have to add Abhay Deol is drool worthy and does quite a good job of playing the meanie boy..Sonam well she looks like she needs some food! (I dont like thin people! – grapes are not green and all)

Once upon a time in Mumbai – i read reviews comparing it to Satya. No Way Ho-Se/Jo-se?? ( i have always wanted to say this…just dont know how to spell it). Maybe it’s coz i saw the late night show and couldn’t appreciate the “art”.OUTIM is nice (for lack of a better word)…and while it is set in the 1970/80’s – something about the mannerisms of the cast – i can’t pin point just doesnt seem to reflect that period. P.s. Kangana was too thin for an actress of that time…just saying that’s all!

Comedy Store in Mumbai – Now this i totally recommend. In my books, it’s the latest hip thing to do.The comedy store at lower parel has stand up comedy acts (pretty much on the lines of those seen in Seinfield) and is definitely worth a visit if not for anything but at least for novelty value. Sit in the front row at your own risk!

Oh and finally a restaurant review – Kangna in Westin (goregaon E) – I will say this for all the restaurants (Kangna/Seasonal taste) in Westin, if not for the view and the ambience they would be empty. The food is average and non memorable. The view overlooking arrey colony is a delight during the day time – lush green and in the night the highway is a pretty picture…lights and all!

and before u think i get more than 48 hours for a weekend…i visited the comedy store the week before last

and none of the comedians were too thin! I like that place

Oh and just to add mention i bought 5 pairs of shoes at the lifestyle sale – and that too for just 2,500 – Sighhh…i love sales!

Why we are friends…

Cheeni to Nut: Atishhuuuu (p.s. thats her name for me) – i fought with hubby A today
Nut (wonders – real tragedy or meena kumari types) – Why What happened
Cheeni: Coz he misbehaved in my dreams yesterday, he left me for his first gf…i woke up feeling so awful. But i have told him to be nice in future dreams
Nut: Arrey…Same thing happened to me last year -i dreamt Tall One left me for brown girl (In Cheeni and Nut world – brown girl refers to women who wear boring clothes and colours) – u know the type who makes garma garm rotis and even put coriander leaves on the sabji. I toh didn’t talk to him that day…
Cheeni – Haw…these men na
Nut: Never mind baby – u know what the best part is – u can use at as a weapon when u fight
Cheeni (the student awaits the guru’s wise words) – Haink?
Nut puts on her wisest face and says:</strong Arrey we never do such things in their dreams na…!!!

Cheeni and Nut laugh away…while A and the Tall One wonder whether to call the psychiatrist, divorce lawyer or God (for divine help and all).

i suggest they just not cheat! What say