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Make it count! – day1

When I started blogging – the idea was to preserve memories of the little things that matter. Somewhere down the line, blogging felt like a burden. I felt like I had to write, had to read others and had to comment. When things overwhelm me I step away to get perspective. I stepped away for way too long.

Sometimes I fear that I have lost out of capturing moments that matter. Not blogged about the important milestones the elf has achieved or something funny he has said. But I know that for some weird reason I find it extremely difficult to blog about my little man.

And though I posted a whole of 2 blogs last year, I write a million drafts in my head. I think I miss writing…I think I need to try again. What day better than the first of January.

In the midst of all the wishes for a happy new year – someone wished me saying – happy 2015. Let’s make it count. 2014 has been insipid for me. I feel lost. I am happy but not fulfilled. I hope I find myself again in 2015. I think I will…

So for those of you who still read me – I hope you do the best you can to make 2015 count. We live but once and we owe it to us!