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What do you do

When you know something unpleasant is happening which u have no control about?

Do u crib, rant and bring it up at all forums? Have long debates on the root cause of all problems? Decide who to blame for the same?

or do u act like the issue doesn’t exist?

I do the latter …particularly with the CWG….a bridge collapses, accommodation is filthy, it’s two weeks away…countries are likely to pull out of CWG…India is going to be disgraced…People’s view of India as a growing super power will now be that of a corrupt state…the way we view Pakistan.

Our hopes of this being the reason sports – other than cricket becoming popular in Indian dashed.
The few Indian sports people we have disappointed at the lack of interest and irresponsibility the government has shown

There is only one hope….PRAY HARD

Oh millions of Gods we have…please help us not look too bad 😦


Happiness is

When the world (read work) acknowledges the importance of your existence and acknowledges the fact that you are one person with two hands for typing follow up mails, 1 chotu brain for processing, 1 mouth for calls.

When your laptop behaves like a 21st century processor instead of making you consider the abacus for vlookup’s instead of the mighty slow (calculating cells – 5%) excel.

When u have a greater workout and dont feel like killing the trainer or committing suicide by jumping out of the nearest window

When u realize you have forgotten your umbrella and the light rain feels great after a workout.

When u can’t get an auto and have the energy to work home in the rain with sensible rainproof shoes and a protected laptop. P.s. it helps if your house is close by

Getting thoroughly drenched by the rain that is not so light anymore and not having a single car splash water on you despite millions of puddles all around. This has to be a miracle!

No nagging mother/husband forcing you to change your wet clothes. Sitting in them and waiting for them to dry on their own.

A hot cup of soup

Being entertained despite the Tall One ditching the you for the evening to visit friends…He didn’t even get one call or sms asking about his existence. This is more like the cool old Nut Thank u fellow bloggers for the entertainment 0 said ABBA style “Thank u for the music”

Learning how to change the header in a blog…it is a big thing for non techies okkkkkk

Discovering a neighbour and making plans to meet in the future (see comments section)…also the thought of walking around a frequently frequented mall wondering which one is your friend blogger and asking random strangers “are u consultant nehuu from iim?”

And its then u know that it is the small things that make life good!

And then there are F*^&ed up days like yesterday when work is a bitch, people think u are actually 2 different people and have all the “bandwidth” to work on everything. When your workout session inspires thoughts of suicide/murder, when ur legs refuse to budge after the session, when u dont have time to open internet explorer forget reading/commenting on a single blog. POsting what’ that

And then u realize that it is still Freaking Monday! Baahh

The universe has a way of evening it out

Constant Need for Constant

When things are comfortable, the line “Change is the only constant” sucks! Sucks like big time – it’s the weariness of working upon certain things which may help build character, it’s the sense of the possibility of your “best laid plans” changing – it’s the fear of the unknown.

So u all known about my evil super boss right? But the person i directly report to – is this really cool lady, she understands issues and is heavily into the work life balance thingy and guess what….she is taking a sabbatical for six months leaving me with the evil super boss.

I am not worried about the evil super boss, coz i will be directly reporting into “Mr Unknown”…What i fear is who is “Mr Unknown” ?

who in their right mind would agree to work with the evil super boss?

There are certain aspects of my work where i can be better – my current boss was probably not aiding this…Will Mr unknown make me work on this??? Sigh…work

Will Mr Unknown value me as much as my boss…Will i have to turn into a diplomatic angel to deal with him? Will he and mr evil boss not like me??

Would that mean i would need to find another role in the bank? Then how long do u wait before you buzz off on maternity leave?

I am so overthinking this one!!! i dont even know who “Mister Unknown” is but boy is he interrupting my life.

but in the words of Joey from friends in the episode where everyone is turning older – i have to ask the Good Lord – WHY GOD WHY?

In other updates – i had a fantastic time in Bangalore with my family – i actually blocked out work, facebook,blog, movies, friends and everything which didnt;t have a direct association with home & family…in short i ate like a pig, slept like sleeping beauty and played with a little 2 inch who someone people claim is my cousin…really a cousin who is 6 when i am 28??? Come on S mama…u are kidding right??

And the weather in bangalore was the icing on the cake

Help required

Blah, Blah and even more blah

Just imagine this from me who starts getting excited about Friday evening from 11 in the morning…

Ok i warn u this is likely to be random and not make any sense. So anyone who enjoys their sanity look for the (x) cross sign at the top right side of your screen!

1. I have a new super boss (joined 1 week ag) – desi returned from Amreeka…calls for meetings at 7:30 in the morning. Some please help get him onto Indian Standard time

2. Oh and while u are at – please inform him that slavery has been abolished all over the globe!

In other news – the Tall one has eloped to Delhi for a friend’s wedding -yes elope is the right word for breaking my heart and leaving me alone on the weekend.Weekday i am ok with …weekend is blasphemy -Some one please help find the cool Nut who didn’t whine over a husband missing over the weekend…

The only excitement in my life is a brilliantly comfortable bed and our “wii” which i am now addicted to. I believe it will make me size zero …ok ok a size 8…But i know something that health comes from all the yuck things in life…karela juice, tinda sabzi and boring hours at gym….warning – no comments (lectures) on how cool gymming is will be welcome!

We the people

Today is supposed to be a historical day for the Indian Judicial history – Kasab’s sentencing – the fastest sentencing in the Indian Judicial system.

Yet i feel unconcerned! I look around me – my office has multiple’s TV on with news channels which proclaim “Kasab guilty on all 86 charges” – people around me continue with their work. No whoops of cheer, no debates on should he be given life imprisonment or death sentence – Nothing.

Yes, the papers are full of victims who want justice – the little 11 year old who was shot wants Kasab to be given death, Tukaram Omble’s daughter wants him publically hung, One of the wife’s of the cops who died feels that this is going to be a prolonged case like that of Afzal Guru- yes they still feel the pinch coz they were the real victims.

We, the non victims – We have moved on…

This from the city which rose with fury post 26/11. We couldn’t believe how people could just walk into our beloved city, walk into our hotels, stations, houses, roads and hospitals and just fire. We felt scared – we felt violated. Yes, We wanted Kasab hung, shot dead publically, we wanted a more responsible government, we wanted a change in politicians, we wanted war with pakistan, we wanted some return on the huge taxes we paid, we didn’t want to be taken for granted. For the first time citizens united to show our fury – on blogs, facebook, candle light marches – we promised to make our government more accountable!

The aftermath – Mumbai had a low voter turnout during the elections post 26/11, we still have a porous border, we know where security is lax and don’t demand that more security precautions be taken. We still have policemen without adequate arms…there is no perceivable difference in our security! The politicians who predicted this was just a flash in the pan were right…they just needed to say the right things for the next few months and then go back to life as usual!

(No i am not being holier than thou – i am ashamed to admit i am guilty of many of the above mentioned lapses!)

So what killed the fury, our promises, our demands —?

Was it the decision to have such a democratic trial for the murderer which made him seem more human- reports of his demands for biryani, his smiles, his daily life, his illness…(I dont want to rant at the media – but some monsters need to continue to be seen as monsters)

Is it in our basic nature as Indians to accept everything as fate – karma, destiny et all? Or do we need a deadly reminder to get up once again?

Is time really a healer? Do we need such healing which makes us so immune to our country and our city? I wish that if and when Kasab is sentenced to death – there is no appeal at the supreme court, my office starts clapping, there is celebration on the street, Facebook updates declare victory on terrorism (small steps ppl!) and people once again wake up and say – “Jagao Re”…

Is this too much to ask for? Isn’t Kasab’s sentencing more momentous that Mumbai Indians entering the finals?


Urrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh…dont u wish u had an appropriate comeback when people make nasty jabs at u…

Today, a colleague of mine passed a pretty sarcy one-liner on my job profile (i do something which is supposed to help/force people to drive numbers) – i was cribbing to another colleague how someone follows up with me to know the number and this a** tells me – “anyway ur job is to narrate the numbers”….*Punch Kick and one Tight slap*…Nutty the warrior princess

What irks me is that it come from a total nincompoop who’s only accomplishment in life is A**licking!
What irks me is that this is the guy who used to come to me for advice as i was one of the few people who knew how to handle his boss
What irks me is that it is none of his business what and how i do things and i wasn’t even talking to HIM!!!
What irks me is that he wouldn’t have had the guts to say the same thing to a male colleague
What irks me the most that 5 hours past the incident i still haven’t thought of a deadly one liner i could have said….Damn i am loosing my touch!

Share with me some of ur deadliest comebacks while i continue to think and fume and fret!!!

Edited to add: Met my good friend “Cheeni” who incidentally was told by her super boss that “XYZ toh dhanda lata hai, Mein toh majboori mein kaam karta hoon aur Cheeni timepass karne aati hai”…Hello!!! Majboori for u because u have wife and children!!! Cheeni pays half the EMI of their home loan dude!!!


Early Morning Flight = slight dementia

1.Ever wondered why kolkatans get excited when u tell them u are visiting their city and give u a long list of to dos and to meets. If someone told me they were visiting B’lore I would say “Oh”
2.Ever wondered why on early morning flights the men’s security check line is serpentinish (if there is a word like that) and the women’s well…really short?
3.Ever wondered why the employees at the check in counter continue to talk to each other while the line of customers waiting to be checked in keeps growing
4.Ever wondered why people usurp your window seat without even requesting you for it (Dear Mr Sitting next to me man – sure u have ur elderly mother with u – but decency involves asking me whether it’s ok for her to sit there instead of looking blankly at me while I look confused at my already occupied seat. P.s. I REALLY LIKE MY WINDOW SEAT…hmmph what a way to start a day, a 2.5 hr flight and a work trip)
5.Ever wondered how people can sleep on a flight without having the window to lean their head against (Whine Whine I want my window seat)
6.Ever wondered why people refuse food on an airline – I for one am hungry the minute I enter a flight and am a sucker for airline food!
7.Ever wondered why people feel that the handrest on a plane belongs to them (Helloooo – I gave ur mom my seat remember)
8 Ever wondered how airhostess are so impeccably dressed all the time – no hair out of place, no lipstick smudge, hell not
even a pimple or a blemish
9.Ever wondered why people stand up to alight the flight before even the door opens
10. Ever wondered why any of this is my problem – other than my window seat of course *#*%&*$&($&%($&