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Q is for Que Sera Sera

So since things have been quiet since Thursday, you must have thought that nuttie quit the blogathon.

I have no qualms in admitting that I am in quite a quandary about what to post about Q. She has already questioned the need for Q’s existence and she has well questioned

I could maybe talk about the elf who is a quintessential toddler but has his quirks and sometimes amazes us with his quips. Maybe i could give some wise quotes on the question before every mother – quality over quantity of time spent with the kid ?

Maybe I can give you a quiz but if we differ on the answers it could end in a quibble or a quarrel. Or i could give you a questionnaire and get to know you better, quantitatively at least.

Or i could narrate incidents where over eating of almonds and moong dal halwa made me queasy and since then i have quelled the need to ever taste it again. Maybe i should tell you about the querulous lady who quarreled with me after she jumped the queue.

Or maybe i can write about the quagmire my mind is in this whole quest to discover myself and happiness.

But ultimately i always tell myself Que sera sera – whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see.

This is part of the AtoZ challenge for April and this is my entry for Q.





Wisdom from the 20’s

Di’s‘s post on turning 29 inspired this. While it’s too late for me to make lists – considering i have just about 2 months before D-day! So i have made a list of my key learnings in the past decade!

I have learnt that

1. The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Hate is just another form of love. Indifference helps you let go of pain and hurtful memories a lot faster

2. It’s ok to make mistakes at work. As a former boss once told me, making mistakes shows that you are actually attempting to work!!! yes he used the words attempting

3. However in the rest of your life’s decisions, there are no mistakes – there are no rights/wrongs. Every step you have taken is just a step into creating the person that you are today.

4. Ambitions change – As you grow up you realize you may never be the hot shoot career professional that you aspired to be – but it won’t matter.

5. It is possible to love without having any walls or inhibitions

6. You need girl friends – enough said!

7. You will make a lot of friends – the important ones will remain

8. Your body is growing old – take care of it

9. Spend time with your loved ones so that you have no regrets

10. A lot of your problems and issues are self created – don’t complicate other’s life and your own with your insecurities. i said a lot of your problems – not all

11. I used to think that to find bliss you needed some form of external stimuli – i have learnt that you can find bliss in solitude

12. Happiness or Sadness is what you choose to be!

20’s – i wonder if you still have some lessons for me before i sign off and join the very adult world of the “30’s”?

Wordless Wednesday – the tear jerker

Well thank you for your sympathies and the get well soons…but i think that this is critical given that my drama queen status is being fiercely fought for by Di and Sags.

The Mummified Look:

Post the mummified look, we go in for the stitched up look:

Now now…dont cry for me – am all better…

* gross as they are – all photos are the property of nuttie natters*


What – Monday’s still exist in 2011???
What – My boss is still my boss in 2011???
What – I am not yet a size zero???
What – i still have a running stuffy nose and this horrible cough?

Hmmmmph so what was the cheer about…

But there is something about a new year…which makes everyone feel good.
It feels like your past failures are wiped out.
You archive our old messy mails into a folder called 2010 and begin afresh.
It’s the times the gyms are at their fullest, health sites are blistering with people dying to start the healthy life.
It’s the time when the smokers downstairs your office are at the lowest.

Yes in time, our intentions and resolutions will get wiped out.
We fail in most, succeed in some – and in someway makes ourselves a better person than we were in 2010. So here’s wishing you all a Happy New year and hoping that next year this time you know that there are some things u did better in 2011.
I leave you with words from the master…


The master himself