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I say this with pride -I know the author

Review of “A Calendar too crowded by Sagarika Chakraborthy”

To tell you the truth, i didn’t want to review this book. For a couple of reasons, one i am not a big fan of short stories, two I really don’t “get” or “like” feminism overdone and a book full of stories about women sounded just too much to take. But the main reason was that this was written by a dear friend and i didn’t want to be dishonest if i didn’t like it.

But read the book I did! This was not about feminism. It was stories, stories of women. Yes it dealt with topics like rape, prostitution and the like but there were stories of women just like us. I read the stories slowly savouring them, slowly not wanting the book to end. Some characters stay with you and you wonder what happened when the story ended. You feel the optimism, the despair, the happiness the characters share. Some maybe more than others.

Like Sagarika told me you will identify with some of the characters. I loved the fact that none of the characters had names (explanation being that it could be the story of any women). The stories which particularly touched me was the young widow who escapes – (Sags, i need you to tell me what happens after she escapes :-), the ideal mother (i was pregnant then and the women seemed to be narrating my thoughts) and i loved the story on adoption, knowing how close the topic is to the author’s heart.

What stayed with me was the thought that how did a 27(??) year old managing to get into the head and heart of so many characters. How did she have the strength to do so.The book is hard hitting, at times disturbing, it’s the topics we like to sweep under the carpet. Go ahead read it, it isn’t a light read but savour the book story by story!

My only grievance was i wanted more stories !!!

I can’t being to tell you how delayed this review is. I think i read the book close to 100 days ago. I have no excuses, nothing ! Hangs head in shame.

Yay an Award and more about me!

Yay!!! Miss Merry Musings has very kindly awarded me with the versatile blogger award. Thank you Merry Musing, you are very kind. I have just started reading her blog and am enjoying it, and i am so thrilled to know that she is a fellow Chalet School fan. You hardly ever find any in the world.

Thanks Merry Musing, this will help dust off the cobwebs from my blog and speak about my favourite topic…Ummm Me! Ok the rules of the award are
1. Thank the person for the award – Thank you Madame!
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award.

So here are 7 random things about Me:

1. I am P-E-T-R-I-F-I-E-D of birds. I can handle cockroaches, rats, lizards and the like but a bird setting on my window is Na-Da. I shudder to drive away the bird even through a closed window. The cruel eyes and beaks scare the S*** out of me. I have a major “ick” factor and can’t even pick up feathers which might inadvertently fly into the house. Even While i type this i feel my fear!!

Pls note messages on how cute birds are will not be tolerated in MY SPACE…yuck imagine cute birds mentioned in my blog for posterity

2. I am clumsy on my feet. I have a tendency to fall on/twist my ankles on ummm Flat roads. I dont need heals or gaddhas on the road to assist me. I have successfully fallen down any steps i decide to descend unless I walk down the steps – like a baby – right foot first, wait for left foot, left foot arrives and then move on to the next steps.

Useless information: Earliest memory of the Tall One in B-school was him looking shocked at a very embarrassed me sliding down the steps on my bum!!!

3. I talk to myself while walking alone. I used to think of it as thinking in my head until i one day actually heard my voice speak to me. And until recently i thought a lot of people did this until the Tall one very kindly called me “weird” for wanting to go for my walk once the sun set so that people can’t make out i am talking to myself.

4. I still need to hug my teddy bear to go to sleep. Mr President is critical to my sleeping habits. The Tall one has long since learnt to accept that. Though i do see him occasionally give the little bear a nudge or a shove when he thinks i aint looking

5. I am a weird “drinker” of alcoholic beverages. I don’t get what people enjoying about drinking – but i drink myself silly every new year, feel ill and declare myself off alcohol for the rest of the year causing people to believe that i am pregnant.
No it is not the paunch which is causing that thought

6. I have the annoying habit (i am told it is annoying by the man i married) of animating everything. Everyonething has life and will be named and will talk to you in moments of distress. Case in point…Swiffy reddy who stamps her foot when ppl talk of buying a new car. Swiffy reddy is our red swift Ok dont book my place in the psychiatry word yet. I am not done. One more random fact to go.

7. As a kid if i was engrossed in a book, i took it everywhere so much so that i used to walk on the road with a nose in a book causing a concerned neighbour to complain to my mom as to how oblivious i was of the traffic. I am not telling whether i still do the same.

I pass on the award to the lovely Celestial Rays. I love her blog and usually read them unread until i can be sure there will be absolutely no interruptions from the real world. From food, to blogging about AB, to bald men to fashion – CR covers them all in style. But of course her best blogs will always be the memoirs of her father. Take it away Celestial Rays.

Winds of Change

I feel the winds of change,
I hope i am not wrong,
There is an optimism in the air,
or am i just hoping against hope?

My brain tells me not so soon,
My heart is not so sure,
My heart would like to believe
Or is just the rest of my being?

Are those signs
or is it my imagination?

Is it an escape,
or is the real thing
Escape from all that is mundane
But then again how do u define the real thing?

Can important decisions be spontaneous
Or has the thought always being there
Can your convictions change so soon
With no drastic happenings?

Why can’t i wait to know
I need a crystal ball
Uff i hate the wait

Come on winds of change,
A gust of wind or a light cool breeze,
Make me feel optimistic
Refresh me
Make me a new person
And Come On Now!

I read this – and it is unlikely to make sense but then again my blog my freedom

and to give u something other than my ridiculous garrulous post to comment on – let me add i complete exactly one year of blogging today.

Yay…i didn’t expect to survive!

Hello blogword!

Hello world – I am a “lurker”. I have lurked around blogs for maybe 5 years now. I am silent, I never comment but I do shed a tear – sometimes a happy tear at a “Happy Birthday Baby – u are 1 now” and sometimes a sad tear at a personal loss, sometimes I feel that its my life being played out on another blog, at times i am envious of experiences, at times I am relieved that it isn’t my story to tell.

I think that having a blog makes one “feel” life more. The “pressure” of blogging makes u aware of the “touch ur heart moments/feelings” and writing it down is akin to an external memory device. Blogging helps you to acknowledge your priorities, fears and aspirations. And I think most of all i want to blog because i am envious of the non judgemental friends/comments it offers you.

But I am scared too – of acknowledging all that I think I should, I am scared that my writing may be too boring, am wary that I might use incorrect grammar, am scared that I may not be honest and committed to my blog.

But in direct translation from Hindi – “what goes of my father” to try it out. So here is the story of the Nut – happily married to the Tall One, current status of no kids, ,hot-shot career woman (Ha!), living in Mumbai, wondering what is going to happen of this blog.

And why dropzofjupiter – well i like the song…i think it has character, though to be honest i dont really get the meaning of the song…and ummmm all the other names are taken….sniff sniff…and i know very soon i am going to think up a name i like more and have to live with this name….sniff…but that’s just how it is with the Nut!