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Down and out…

When you are down and out

Remember …

Life gives you another chance and it’s called tomorrow

Tomorrow to get down again to your exercise routine
Tomorrow to eat a bit better
Tomorrow to be a little kinder
Tomorrow to reconnect with your loved ones
Tomorrow to tick off your endless list of chores
Tomorrow to live your life to the fullest
Tomorrow to try again to be a better you

So you who are depressed, upset things ain’t going your way, upset about the way you are – stop kicking yourself

There is a tomorrow- the beauty of life – it’s called hope! A Hope that tomorrow is better than today was!


These are a few of my ‘happy’ things – day5

It’s been a long day and I can’t think straight. I have a headache partially caused by probably the change in weather etc, etc – 25% caused by the elf’s incessant and unusual whining and another 25% caused by the tall one and the elf complaining about each other.

As I lie wondering what to blog about they whine about someone touching someone and some one hitting someone and so on and on until I am ready for the ground to open up like it did for Sita Mata.

Now that I have sent the tone, I am just going to shamelessly draw inspiration from the girl in blue jeans blog theme and go with what I am happy about it today. I hope this links – I now blog from my phone and I am still figuring out how this app works. Continue reading