Hello hello I am back

The reason I don’t post is because a certain someone (you know who you are) doesn’t read my posts and provide adequate encouragement.

And now that I have blamed someone – let me tell you about me in recent times.

Some of you guys know I used to be a banker and after more than a decade in banking I got bored, wanted to do something more with my life, wanted to discover me and so I went from being banker nut to being a nut on a sabbatical.

I took a sabbatical to discover me and after a year long sabbatical I discovered —-umm that there was nothing to discover πŸ˜‰. This is just about as deep as I go even with time on my hands.

I have to admit I am a marginally better housekeeper and cook since the sabbatical but other than that zilch! I did read a lot more than I did in the last 4-5 years put together. Yay me!! 

But all my lofty plans to write a book, start a business, work in an NGO etc etc –  Lack of Time was never the reason why I didn’t do it. It was just me.

So I decided to get back to doing something outside the house coz honestly I will never be that housewife who has an immaculate house, throws amazing parties, plans healthy meals for the family – I am too disinterested to do that. And just FYI I have full admiration for those who do it and still inspire to be like them. But the reality is I never will be. 

And tada you are now looking at professor  Nut who teaches undergrad students management. It’s  been around 5 months since I started!! 

And Oh my god!! I have never studied so much in my life!! And never worked so hard! As I study everyday sometimes late at night at 2 or early in the morning at 4 – I apologise to all my professors – for the lectures I bunked, for not listening to them, for chatting on icq during lectures. 

In teaching there are no days you can say but today I don’t feel like studying/teaching. And I will get by. In corporate life as a lot of you will admit there are days when you just don’t want to work.

A % of the class – these bunch of kids are looking upto you and you have a duty to teach them well. Not just teach – teach them in a manner where 10 years down the line when they are working they are able to correlate what you taught them.

It is a  responsibility – it’s mentally and physically draining.

But I think I am happy! I feel fulfilled — I think 

11 thoughts on “Hello hello I am back

  1. Swaram

    That’s awesome. So happy for you. Congratulations. πŸ™‚ Even with all my live for cooking and ‘housekeeping’, I so need to work too. I lo e balancing the two, but don’t think I can ever do the former alone. Can so relate.

    We need to meet up. πŸ™‚

  2. scorpria

    My brother is a professor, and he says what they say about teaching being the most fulfilling job etc, is SO TRUE. Way to go.
    And for the most of the first part of the post, you had us believing you did nothing, when in fact you’ve been doing this amazing thing!?

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Aah! I can relate to teaching to students. I taught for a short while to MBA students and OMG, I had to study and prepare so much for the classes. It was exhausting. You seem to be doing well at this. WTG!!

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  5. Scribby

    I know exactly what you are saying here Nuttie, I’ve both professions running in my house. and I can very assert your statement that in corporate life, there are not only one but many days where you get by if you don’t work but teaching is something you’ve to be on your toes and oiling your brain all the time! And it certainly is a great, honorable and such an amazing job, you are making someone’s career, you are giving someone perspective, you are fueling knowledge into them and helping them take their lives ahead with zeal! I see many students touch Husby’s feet when they meet him, they thank him for being there and solving their queries and making them what they are today. Its an emotional moment and I can totally feel it.

    Nuttie girl, you are doing an awesome job, you are making different to their lives, and when they will successful tomorrow you’ll feel a sense of pride for spending nights and days in studying for them πŸ™‚ Not everyone can do this, really! I love you for this!

    P.S. as for not reading your posts, hmmpf, same to you πŸ˜› heheheeh well, I read but miss commenting babu, keep writing, please?

  6. The Other Side of Life

    It’s like my sister wrote this post! She took a break after my niece was born and now joined back in teaching. And she loves it. She wakes up at 4 in the morning to prepare and she doesn’t complain. I always thought it takes something special to be able to teach. Guess you guys have it! πŸ™‚
    Very happy for you! πŸ™‚


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