Hmmmmph – day 2/30

My initial thought was to have a post with some deep thoughts πŸ˜€ in it. However, I have been annoyed and irritated for most of the evening. 

All I can think of is smart retorts to make the person see what an idiot they are behaving like. In my head – I have had at least a 100 conversations with the lady where ofcourse I am the cool and collected person and she comes off as being the illogical woman she is. Hmmmmph!

My irritation reflects in my cooking with my white sauce for the pasta being lumpy and my potatoes refusing to bake.

I want to be able to not let myself get rattled.

I want to be above all of this. 

I hate the amount of mindspace I am giving a person who is a nonentity in my life.

Being an adult sucks, my son would have resolved such an issue with a whine or a complaint to the parent of the offending party, a whack or a tantrum. And with that he would feel better.

But here as an adult, I got to suck it up. 

Or do I now?

The doorbell rings and the tall one walks in.

Within 10 mins I have told him everything. I have whined cribbed and presented my case. The man listens patiently and says a couple of sentences. And i mean a couple of sentences

In a bit – the angry cloud rises from my head, I can laugh at him pulling his moms leg, even my potato bake seems like it might be edible.

Everything in the world seems a little better and big boss comes on. Time to watch other people have problems now 


19 thoughts on “Hmmmmph – day 2/30

  1. My Era

    So glad the Tall One walked in at just about the right time and you could unload the weight from your shoulders onto his πŸ˜‰
    Talking about what is bothering us is the quickest way to feel lighter.
    Glad that your potato bake turned out edible.

      1. Varsh

        Never mind that. We adults make a bif deal out of fights anyway. Kids have a simple rule… fight… cry… complain… exchange glances when asked to keep away… patch up. 😁

  2. Bikramjit

    You watching big boss come on.. I m sure there are better programs to see even news is probably better. ..

    And hey hey blogging is also good to get it out..writing…

  3. Comfy

    Putting feelings in to words, speaking them out loud and getting them out of the system is our or rather the adult way of whining. And to have husbands who just hmph and hun and listen (mine just pretends but whatever) is indeed something to be thankful for πŸ™‚ Glad you are feeling much better.

  4. Scribby

    time to have other people have problems ROFL πŸ˜› BB is therapeutic after all, no ?

    white sauce pasta and baked potatoes sound yumm, send some here too! Eh not the stale ones now, do me fresh πŸ˜‰


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