Z is for Z z z z

I fear that after this blogathon I have nothing left to write about and my blog is going to zzzzzz again. 

Think about it logically – In the six odd years, this blog has been in existence I have written 102 posts until mar-16. And then I go ahead and write 26 posts in less than 26 days. Since I started the blogathon 6 days late I sometimes wrote 2 posts a day. Do you really really believe statistically I have anything more to say?

But I have to admit that the blogathon has revived my love for blogging. I realise how much I missed the blog world. And silly as it sounds I feel accomplished that I managed to finish the challenge. 

In my head, I do plan to be more regular but really what more do I have to say? I have spoken about books, elf, places, friends, and a whole lot of other crap. Also I don’t know what I mean by regular either – does it mean weekly, monthly, bi-monthly? I know I can’t do daily!!!

Anyhow that’s in the future. For now I am going to zzzzz on those questions. 

Thank you guys for reading and commenting. Of course the most encouragement come from those also doing the blogathon with me. Thank you, I did it because you did it.

This is my entry for z in the Atozchallenge for April. It’s been fun! 

14 thoughts on “Z is for Z z z z

  1. Pepper

    So glad you did this, Nuttie! Like I’ve been saying, please don’t disappear.
    Whenever I step back from blogging, it is because of either lack of time or lack of inclination, it is almost never because lack of things to say. How can you not have stuff to say?

    Stories of the Elf will never end. Stories of life will never end. Writing a few lines every two weeks should NOT be that hard! Please don’t disappear and deny us the pleasure of reading you.

    Lastly, this one was a tough challenge. Good job!

  2. Truly Happy

    Congratulations on survIving the challenge. Plz do not hibernate for long. Your posts are always a delight to read. I hope you write once a week atleast.
    Take care
    Truly happy

  3. vishalbheeroo

    Love each and every one of your posts, Nuttie Natters. Yeah! We’ve been blog friends before..like five years back and happy we could connect again through A to Z. Happy to see writing more:)

  4. The Other Side of Life

    Yay! Awesome work and loved all the posts! Don’t go disappearing again! 🙂

  5. My Era

    Congratulations Nuttie on completing the A to Z Challenge so fantastically despite starting late.
    You dived into the challenge because you wanted to blog, so keep that in mind and just scribble what catches your fancy. Please stick around and don’t disappear.


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