U is for Ullu

I am an Ullu  – for my non Hindi readers Ullu is an owl! 

Say hello Finland, Russia and Mauritius and oh you from Australia too. I see you !! 

Of all the talents the Ullu has – the one I wanted the most is the ability to swivel my neck 360 degrees. Just imagine what fun I would have if I was standing in a bus and someone got too close, I could just turn 180 degrees and stare at them right back! How freaky and how cool would I be.

Anyway, instead of that my only ullu-ness ability is being a nocturnal animal. It’s ridiculous !  

I really really want to sleep early. Yo know be those ideal early to bed and early to rise types – the ones who have a high pony tail at 6 am and are all ready to run. Instead I go to sleep when most of these enthu cutlets are waking up.

Don’t think I am not aware of the conspiracy theory. The world is keeping me up to ensure the safety of the world. You know make sure it is spinning on its axis the right way or make sure the ghosts are staying in their own universe. And as a responsible citizen I stay up. So as the world sleeps I do night chowkidari (night watchman). 

The husband will not let me read before I sleep because apparently the light affects his precious sleep. The elf makes the afternoon conducive to mama taking a short 15 min nap so that she won’t sleep early again. This is the time when he raids the fridge for chocolates or pours out all our lotions into the sink.

And you tv programming people, I spend the whole day wondering what to watch on tv – how the hell do I find stuff after 11 so exciting. Why are you doing this to me.

And mr jobs – smart phone huh? I am on to your sneakiness. And yours to fb, Twitter and Whatsapp creators. And all you iPhone game creators.

Aaand ooooh my friends who so cunningly have placed themselves all over the globe so there is a constant chatter on Whatsapp whatever be the time.

The Atozchallenge creators – hmmmmph! And to all of you who influenced me to start this – hmmmmph and hmmmmph. Wait till May when I will sleep early once this is done. Someone else can look after the world between 11 to 330 then. 

This is my entry for U in the April  Atoz challenge and i am officially losing it. 


16 thoughts on “U is for Ullu

  1. vishalbheeroo

    A cool U for Ullu and somehow your post reminds me of the funky 90s, Ullu ke paathe paathe Ullu ke from Ajay-Tabu starrer Vijaypath. Let’s connect on whatsapp, banker wali:)

        1. Nuttie Natters Post author

          Oh wow! Thank you! Maybe you are the reason my views have gone up drastically in the last 2 days πŸ™‚

          I know you are a night owl too – always comment on the post when I finishing up writing the blog at around 1 am

  2. luciaconti

    Finland says hello!! I fully concur on the conspiracy theory: I am personally in charge of making sure the monsters under the bed sleep safe and sound. Thanks for taking care of the axis of the Universe, that sounds quite important too! πŸ˜›

  3. The Girl in Blue Jeans

    Oh man, The Dude has the same problem with me reading! Ugh.
    Anyway, you are lucky to be able to keep the ullu status going. I gave up when Zo was born, because I am dead by 12. I however, would choose never to wake up before 9 but still do because school and yoga class. 😦

  4. Nisha

    Haha! This is one of the best posts of A2Z. Lets not be too serious and acknowledge the ullu in us! πŸ™‚

  5. My Era

    I became an Ullu during the A to Z but now am back to being the ‘early bird who doesn’t get the worm’.
    Thank you for letting me know that elf too has been pouring out lotions in the sink like Pari πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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