S is for Sonshine

When the Elf was born, I was a bit disappointed he was not a girl. It helped that I felt that babies were genderless, but now as he becomes a little boy, I have genuinely started to believe boys are so sweet.

So this is for my sonshine and all the other sonshines who make our hearts beat out of both fear, exasperation and love – alternately and together.

Something so innocent and impish about them – alternately and together. Little girls you are just as awesome I am sure.

But back to little boys…

Little boys are piglets. They will touch and lick everything. Every single thing. Sitting on the ground of a restaurant, a dirty shop or a puddle is common place.

So much so that we don’t even notice anymore. All my friends who have little girls are aghast that the elf spends so much time under the table at a restaurant. My standards are very low – I am just glad he doesn’t sit on the floor at a public loo.

FYI I make him stand in a public loo with his hands up which I hold with one hand so that he can’t touch anything.

Anyway as a result they are always dirty. I have never seen such black hands, legs or nails in my life!

– They run. Like just keep running or if they are on a cycle , they run on the cycle. It’s like they are testing us – how fast can you chase us. How strong is your heart to sustain the fact that I can just run off and you won’t know where I am. And yes just to show you how strong I am – I will jump off things and if there are no things to jump off – I will just keep jumping !

– Also they are not bothered about who is joining them to play. I notice the little girls who come down to play, pick and choose their companions. I feel sad to see them already start these excluding some girls and all boys from play. With boys and the tomboys they play with (at least as of now) it’s like you have feet, you got a car – let’s run with your feet while we drive the car over all the messy puddles and muddy pots.

Speaking about mud, elf just saw a couple on TV having a mud bath and demands one himself. I fear the next time I turn my back on him, that’s exactly what he will do.

– Which brings me to the next point never turn your back or close your eyes for 5 minutes unless you want water poured into your toothpaste, a mixture of powder and cream carefully spread on your bed, lipstick put on their shirts, oil put on their heads or paper shredded and thrown into water.

– Little boys come with an extra attachment – cars. It’s like cars, cars, everywhere – you develop great expertise in jumping over the 32 hot wheels cars that permanently inhabit your floor and the 25 other non hot wheel cars and vehicles . Serious hopping skill sets being developed.

– They are rough. Good lord, entertainment for the elf is me pushing him on the bed, wrestling with his dad and playing kabbadi by himself.

– Major irritants with little boys are watching sports, the potty jokes and the absolute inability to pee into the pot. For a kid who can throw the ball so accurately while playing, his aim while peeing is hard to believe.

– Little boys are the biggest ego boost ever. Mama looks so pretty in her old slacks and t-shirt, mama makes the best fish, mama knows everything, mama leave your hair open – it’s pretty, mama is prettier than the Aunty on TV – take that Aishwarya Rai. Also dadu can’t sit near mama, no keep distance, no coming near – yup no siblings happening in the near future. I have a friend whose 5 year old kid will yell if his mom is not the first face he sees.

If the elf sees me in the kitchen for long or if I am reading in another room, he will make frequent trips to visit me updating me on all the things I have missed in the world in the last 2.5 minutes I have been away from him.

– They don’t like kisses or hugs. They will squirm, and struggle and act like you are torturing them. And your heart will be a little sad that the baby is really growing up.

But then at night when the lights go off, you might feel like a lizard has fallen on your waist but it’s a little hand trying to hug you to sleep, the little cheeks want kisses, he wants to know if you love him and wants all the petting you can give.

He is then just my little vulnerable boy !

And as I go to sleep – i sing in my head.

You are my sonshine,
My only sonshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You’ll never know just how I much I love you. You will always remain my sonshine forever.

I know he will outgrow this someday but I will cherish it forever and I do believe every now and then however big he is – he will find a way to let me know *he thinks I am da bomb I mean mom*

This is part of the April blogathon and this is my entry for S.


14 thoughts on “S is for Sonshine

  1. Truly Happy

    Aww…what a sweet post.

    Great to know about little boys because my life revolves around my little girl and all the other little girls that she is friends with. Seemingly girls should play only with girls, she told me this other day. Also, seemingly Boys are only to get married to but when it comes to playing, talking, inviting to birthdays it should be only girls!

    Your sonshine appears to be a sweet little boy and seems to be doing all the right things boys his age should do. Love to him.

    Stay blessed always.

    Truly Happy

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Thank you TH! Kids are aware of gender way too soon. I keep telling elf that girls make great friends – but he says he can only make them second best friends. This of course doesnt include the girls who run arkund and play with jim though

  2. The Girl in Blue Jeans

    Awww! Such a cute post, elf is a sweetheart!

    I think it doesn’t get girlier than my little girl, though she makes an exception when it comes to sitting under tables in restaurants (what’s with that! on Sat night she sat a good 10 mins and plucked all the pretty stones off her brand new shoes) and having dirty nails and hands! But otherwise she is a total girl. We now ‘share’ earrings, and ‘match’ accessories!

    But yeah, I get that I will play with my kind thing – she chooses playing with the girls too. Has a couple of crazy hyper boys as friends, but the first choice is always girls πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      And this is why i want to know more about Zo and thats why V is for vivacious girl! Or W is for wonder girl! Come on. Do it d.

      And i totally get plucking off the stones from shoes. I think i would still do it at this age. And i am glad girls sit on floors too.

  3. Reshmi

    Lovely post! Can relate to every single thing you wrote! Of course coz I’m raising two of them!!

    And I love love love that song. It’s one of my favorites πŸ™‚

  4. The Other Side of Life

    That has to be the best post on your blog! I read it in a traffic jam (you know Bangalore traffic. So don’t judge me.) And I couldn’t wait to get home to comment! Such a cute little elf he is! πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymously Disguised

    Trust me, they are never going to outgrow the “loving my crazy mom” part, at least till they are 11. Oh the joy of being smothered to death, every single day by boys….sigh…I will never give up that for anything in the world! Love to your sonshine.

  6. My Era

    Wow! that was quite an insight into the world of boys. Its only after reading your post I realised how different boys and girls can be even at this tender age. Though Pari too never spares an occasion to call me prettier than any other woman (my mom included…shhhh).


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