N is for Namma Bengaluru

Childhood memories of playing with this great group of kids, running into the church compound, playing endless games of hide and seeks and innumerable board games. The grannies pampering me, lots of visits to relatives and the one hundred thousand times I have walked on commercial street tugging at my mom’s elbow for fountain Pepsi – a novelty in those days.

I didn’t know if the weather was good – I came from the islands of andamans I should have felt it, I know but it didn’t matter. Bengaluru was always home. Where I went every summer holiday!

Then came 2005 – when I moved to Bangalore to work. Crazy work routine, horrible and rude auto drivers (yes it’s up there in the complaints department), demanding bosses, childhood friends moving away left me with not much company other than the mater and the boyfriend (now husband) I had no friends of my own – nothing.

And truth be told, as much as leaving my family behind sucked, I was happy to move to Mumbai – my land of freedom and friends. My land of beautiful rains, my land of college and B school memories. The place my heart would always belong. Even now writing about Mumbai makes me nostalgically think of my favourite marine drive.

But Mumbai with a kid made my heart hurt a little. My kid had no place to run around, we were always in traffic, the schools sucked with their tiny buildings and lack of playgrounds, moving between schools and daycare seemed like a logistical nightmare. I had such a heavy heart while searching for schools there.

And then the Tall one got a job which could bring him here back to Namma Bengaluru. We jumped at the opportunity. I was sure it was a great move for the Elf.

It was not as exciting as moving to an absolutely new city but we were moving to a part of Bengaluru I didn’t know at all. And had no childhood associations with. Mostly I was worried about feeling like I did in 2005.

But Bengaluru has amazed me. Yes, the elf has everything I wanted for him growing up. But what I am amazed at is how much Bangalore has given me. I get to see my grannies more for sure and when the rest of the family is here, I get more time with them. The weather (not counting the last 2 months of absolute torture) makes me feel so energetic and great which is truly an achievement for an intrinsically lazy person like me. The Tall one is less worn out, we have more space, I have a bunch of stay at home Mummy friends who are intelligent and fun. I know I can do so much more with my life here than I ever could in Mumbai.

But mostly I am at peace. Something we don’t value enough.

Thank you Bengaluru for everything.

Maybe this is what coming home is all about!

This is my entry for N for the April AtoZ challenge and yay I finally introduce a category called namma Bengaluru to my list

7 thoughts on “N is for Namma Bengaluru

  1. Truly Happy

    Glad you like bengaluru.

    Those very reasons you like being in bengaluru for ( more opportunities for Elf, less tiring job for the hubby, good bunch of friends, pleasant weather other than ofcourse the heat in last couple of months) is what I am hoping to come back to blore for.

    I hope it works out well for us.

    Really glad I read this post. Thank you

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      I actually thought about it while i was writing it. Once again, if upu need help with school, places to stay – let me know. I think our kids are similar ages so I should be able to help you out.

  2. The Other Side of Life

    I think we did a little bit of Bangalore romancing a few months back on Twitter! πŸ˜€
    I know what you mean. I also moved to Bangalore an year before you and I keep falling in love with this place. First love is still Delhi, but there’s something in Bangalore air. Especially early in the mornings. And all the amazing places to eat. The weather. I can live here for a while I think!

  3. vishalbheeroo

    I didn’t know you hail from the South. Never been to Bengalaru but hey naughty Natters you are Nuttie!! You making me miss Mumbai and Marine Drive where I used to stay like hell. I so wanna be back right now but can’t!!


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