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G is for girlfriends and G is for Gi !

I have been secretly very pleased that today was the G day because i was meeting my bachpan ka dost “Gi” today. Gi is a silent reader of my blog so everyone wave to her now.

For the record Gi is inspiring – life gave her lemons, and at the moment she is making lemonade, sure she complains about the occasional lemon but on the whole, she is a very cheerful lemonade maker and I know for a fact (and I know she doesn’t believe it) that her lemonade is eventually going to be Michelin star worthy.

Gi I am documenting this here so that I can tell you told you so someday.

But the story of her lemons and lemonade is hers to tell, let me tell you about us.

Us would totally be incomplete without the addition of 5 other lead characters from school – we call ourselves Chaddi buddies which when very very loosely translated into English is “Girlfriends” which again is what G is for.

During our school days, we were never a mob of 7 friends who walked around together like you see in the movies. Though now that I think about it that would have been totally cool. We would have looked the part in our cringeworthy clothes of the 1990’s. The ones we will never ever put up on Facebook!

I have to admit though that even in bunches of 2-3 we were quite scary. Against the quiet conservative landscape of Port Blair, we were the girls laughing away while we troubled others.

But no we were not a mob, we each had individual relationships with each other, at various points of time – the degree of “closeness varied’ but when we came together in 2012 to create Chaddi buddies on whatsapp – we all just fit. We were just right!

We started off exactly where we left off some 15 odd years ago. Recounting old jokes and incidents, discussing old crushes, gossiping about our classmates – but we started building on our friendship – husbands and kids were introduced, recipes and ambitions were discussed, advice and threats were pelted out.

I know for a fact one of the main reason I didn’t suffer from Post partum depression was these ladies – there was always someone to talk to, or laugh with, always demanding a baby pic (thanks to which I have pics of almost every day of the elfs first year – at that time I have to admit I was pained but now i am grateful for the memories)

Our relationship with each other is easy – there are no demands and no expectations. These ladies are my backbone; their babies are mine, their lives are part of my story, we have each others back, we might chat a little less now but we still chat everyday. Everyday since 1st Jun 2012.

We know we are friends for a lifetime .

Mini reunions have happened and all we now wait for is that big bad big reunion.

Someday we will be a mob of 7 women walking around – you and you and you be scared!

The blog is part of the April A toZ challenge


F is for funnybones – I mean Mrs funnybones

Let me start off by saying that I love her – like I want her to be my friend – I want her man of the house to hang out with my man of the house. I want her children to call me Maasi, I want her mom to call me beta — you get my drift right?

And mainly coz I love her humour – sarcastic, wry wit. I love her tweets and love her columns. And so when a friend tweeted that she loved her book I bought it.

2 hours into our 3 hour aeroplane ride and I was done with the book.

It did keep my interest, and I wanted to read more of the book – though I am not sure if it is because the I still had another hour on the flight or because I honestly wanted to read more.

The chapters (for lack of a better word) are funny no doubt – some of them laugh out aloud funny but I felt let down. Maybe it’s because she is a celebrity and a super stars wife so I wanted to know more about her life you know the starry one. Except that what she has narrated is very unstarlike. It could almost be our story except way funnier.

But What disappointed me was that most chapters had no insights you know the ones that make you think – they were just narrations and I did feel like I have read some of them before.

When she writes about her family you can feel her soul through her wit. Chapters like the one about her son’s potential girl friend, karwachauth and rakhi( the festival not the one who wants to ban ceiling fans) leave you with a lingering feel good feeling . The rest I already don’t recall what they were about. Maybe in the attempt to make the chapters alphabetical, a few chapters were forced.

But she does write well and she is funny funny funny ! And i still want to be her friend.

So Mrs funnybones if you do read this – while I can’t give you the raving reviews the others have – do remember it’s because only your closest friends are the most truthful with you.

And even if you don’t want to be friends – please don’t send the man of your house to beat me up. It won’t be a fair fight.

This is part of the AtoZchallenge- unofficially of course