The diary of a Stay At Home Person

So its been 45 odd days since I started this stay at home business.

In this time, I have rented out our apartment, sold a car and a crib, painted a house, packed up 6 years of existence in a house, said goodbye to my city of 8 years – come to another city, unpacked and settled in to the house almost entirely and the point is

….I dont feel like I have accomplished anything.

My mind is conditioned to believe that the work I did in office is “only work”. The rest is extra curricular activities.

I havent had time to thing what i want to do next. I am busy – i dont know doing what. I am hoping that once the elf starts school, i will have time to think.

The child and his questions give me no free mindspace. My mind feels cluttered on most days.I am trying to get organised and be the fantastic put together stay at home mom’s people are.

except i refuse to be a stay at home mom – i will be a stay at home person – because while being a mom is fabulous and the best thing ever and all the things which people say. I am still a person, not just a mom – I still trying to figure out me and what makes me tick.

9 thoughts on “The diary of a Stay At Home Person

  1. Scribby

    I like that ” I’m still a person and not just a mom” Yo!

    Good luck with everything Nuttie, I’m sure you will soon figure out next is what 🙂

  2. Bikramjit

    My best wishes with you nuttie. . I am sure soon you gonna figure it all.. One bright morning you going to open your eyes and everything will be clear..

    Take care of yourself and god bless the little one. .

  3. Comfy

    Either you are a ‘housewife’ or a ‘stay at home mom’, you are not a person and you have not other identity. I know how you feel Nuttie. Hope you figure out, what next soon. Hugs!


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