Marine drive – Mumbai meri jaan!

Sitting by marine drive

The place that represent Mumbai for so many of us.

Looking at the dark waters I wonder how many secrets have they hidden.

How many couples have loved, fought and broken up at its shores. Some for ever, some to be united again here.

So many of us have stared into these waters building dreams of our futures. Some became millionaires and some failed. They probably all came back and remembered the day they dreamt.

As I sit on marine drive with my almost 3 year old, I wonder if the waters remember the 15 year old who stood by marine drive and dreamt! I don’t remember what I dreamt, but I wonder if I am the same person.

I wonder if the waters remember the ambitious girl who had just started working trotting down the drive in uncomfortable heels after a day at work. I KNOW the ambitions are different, I don’t know what changed.

The young couple starting off their life together, siting in silence as they enjoy their togetherness and the black waters. We still sit in silence but the silence in broken by an endless chatter of a toddler

Mumbai or Bombay my city. Where I grew up in so many different ways. symbolised by the beautiful marine drive.

A piece of my heart will always be part of marine drive.

9 thoughts on “Marine drive – Mumbai meri jaan!

  1. popgoesthebiscuit

    I love Marine Drive too and you echoed my thoughts perfectly. I took my two year old here for her first time on my last India visit in December and had very similar thoughts. The next aim is to take the husband and the child together. We’ve had so many dates that started in the restaurants around Marine Drive and ended with an ice cream at Marine Drive that this is perhaps my most fav place in all of the world. Brings back such vivid memories:)

  2. vishalbheeroo

    Aha! I so miss Marine Drive and was sitting just opposite in a hostel on C Road. Made Marine Drive my home for two years and so many dreams cum wishes were made true there. Now, I am sure I saw you in that place we all call home, our Mumbai. I am sure so many souls, unknown to each other, may have seen a glimpse of the revelers:)

  3. Scribby

    you’ve no idea that you brought a smile to my face with this post.. I love Bombay to the core.. I’ve written multiple times about the city and yet can’t stop raving about it…the Marine Drive.. i feel the same for it.. it represents the city!



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