Daily Archives: January 11, 2015

Day 10. An evening stroll

My eyes are shutting but I want to post something. I am going to be a fraud and pull out a draft which has been written when the elf was three months old – a draft 2.5 years old.

The strange part is while going over my draft I remember this evening. Nothing unusual, it good be any evening in my building yet these moments stayed with me. I don’t remember though why I didn’t publish it

So here goes… An evening stroll through the eyes of the nut.

Lovely breeze – heralding the rains perhaps

-> A father plays catch catch with a group of the girls. As they chase the “uncle” around the compound, their laughter pure joy. The littler ones running helter skelter pretending to be very “useful” in the cause of chasing the uncle

-> one of the young girls has a mobile around her neck

-> A doggy sits with his head out of the window waiting for his turn to come down for a walk. When he does, he sniffs all in his path, wagging his tail and showing his puppy eyes so that all who pass him smile

-> The new mothers pushing strollers acknowledge each other with smiles, often stopping to check on the age, name and sex of the baby. Each seems to walk away thinking – my baby cutest.

-> The grandmothers – putting out plastic chairs, enjoying the breeze while they talk. Snippets of their discussion – “Hamare samay mein” and of course the unabashed stares as they assess everyone who passes them

-) The younger ladies huddle together while their kids play around and then break into pairs of 2-3 (special friends and all) and start their “health walk” health walk – the fast walk with the intention of keeping fit

-> An Elderly couple matches step for step while another couple watch the world go byv

-> A cute little baby watches everything around him, a little puzzled at this breeze thing hitting him and then falls asleep – Yes Yes that one is all mine