Do you hate work? Day 7

So when people say they hate work – what do you mean?

Do you mean you hate just the actual work or hate the environment or hate your boss or hate moments of your work.

For me I exaggerate when I say I hate work. I don’t – I remember going back to work after maternity leave and loving the fact that I could blissfully have a cup of coffee. (No baby crying pooping peeing or the bell ringing just when I settle down with my coffee.)

I love the social aspect of work – adult conversations , meeting people with similar thought processes, making friends with people who are different and a whole lot of people to just gossip about.

On some days I even enjoy my work. On some days I am even passionate about it.

And then there are days when all you want to do is escape from the routine of it all.

I oscillate between whether this is what I am meant to do or whether I have another calling in life? A bigger purpose maybe. Or maybe I am meant to be an just another corporate soul.

So do you hate your job? Or just feel dissonance coz you think you should be doing something else.


This is probably muddled, I am a little light headed after an awesome night out with my colleagues and for the moment I am just grateful for them and all the laughs we share.


4 thoughts on “Do you hate work? Day 7

  1. chroniclesofdee

    I think i hate the drudgery associated with work. My job, which requires me to plan every aspect of it! But otherwise, i love beinh independent, and having the ability to function as an individual and not as a mom/wife/daughter/sister etc

  2. Deboshree

    I have to agree with you on several of the above questions. I often end up feeling the same way.

    For me though, I most hate the commute to work. All those people in a cramped train so early in the day! Sometimes I really crave starting my day in silence, peace and together with nature…

  3. Bikramjit

    I think you will get different replies on different days by the same person ..

    Today I will say I love work, from the last 3 weeks now , I have been away from work due to some personal things going on and it was a blessing when i came to work today (although i am on holiday today too), I just came and I had a smile seeing everyone ..

    The other job i do (which you know of) , I LOVE that .. and I enjoy it always , yes there are days when it gets a big too much both physically and mentally but then later on it also brings a releif that did something good.

    I am back to work after 14th and I never thought i would say it but i am looking forward to it .. 🙂


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