Past connections! – day 6

She used to be a best friend….we were twins. We wore similar colour clothes to college just to prove to people that our wavelengths matched. We were always found together.

We grew up but grew apart not very amicably. She is a softer version of the person she was. I am a more sensible version of the person I was .

We met after many years. I am cautious with her. She is tentative around me. We chat, she tells me her troubles, I am more reserved. We don’t talk about our kids. We talk about life and relationships. Rather she talks. I listen..

I want that old connection back. It isn’t constant. But I think I want to work on it. Somewhere my heart has a soft corner for the girl I knew. We have a connected past. So many teenage secrets have been shared, so many boys have been discussed, so many grand life plans were made. I kept wondering what she felt for me. Or for the us that we used to be.

That’s the funny thing – at times you connect with strangers, old friends sometimes immediately connect, sometimes it isn’t instant but you want it to be. All you can do is make the effort right? And hope that the other person also wants to.


3 thoughts on “Past connections! – day 6

  1. Bikramjit

    Totally understand .. but as you say we are cautious. . I say because I know the feeling .. I have a different experience. .I was bullied in one of them has bought a house next to mine..

    We have met well we meet almost everyday .. He wants to be friends but I am cutious. .part of mind says let bygones be bygones. . Other part says bash him. Kick him .. do something. .

    I am having some trouble since a few weeks a personal problem and he is the only one standing with me..

    Funny situation. .

    Take care and all the best .. being friends is always good …

    1. dropzofjupiter Post author

      Funny how things change. If i were u, i would let bygones b bygones and be happy for a new friend, but then again i dont know how deep rooted is your pain from childhood


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