These are a few of my ‘happy’ things – day5

It’s been a long day and I can’t think straight. I have a headache partially caused by probably the change in weather etc, etc – 25% caused by the elf’s incessant and unusual whining and another 25% caused by the tall one and the elf complaining about each other.

As I lie wondering what to blog about they whine about someone touching someone and some one hitting someone and so on and on until I am ready for the ground to open up like it did for Sita Mata.

Now that I have sent the tone, I am just going to shamelessly draw inspiration from the girl in blue jeans blog theme and go with what I am happy about it today. I hope this links – I now blog from my phone and I am still figuring out how this app works.

1. This one I never thought would make it to the list. But I actually enjoyed working today. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that the newness of the year has not wiped off, or the fact that the boss was busy in meetings. But I enjoyed work today and not just the social? interaction. I have no doubt that I will be whining about my work tomorrow but hey you read me for my whines no?

2. The moon – did you see the beautiful full moon today? Did you did youSo large and so close. It followed us on our way home and the elf and I discussed it the whole hour home.

3. I am grateful for the brand new clothes my mommy got me. My bright yellow and orange suit definitely made my day

4. So so happy my mommy is here, somehow the house works like clockwork, I don’t lift a finger and I get yummy food to boot

5. I think I should also be happy that I have managed to be within the acceptable range of calories for 2 days in a row. Now if only the weighing scale would just cooperate.

6. Lastly the makers of crocin – Thank you. Now take care of this headache please !


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