Day 3- Elfisms

Elf: I like Only T, N and E (for tall one, nut and elf)
Nut: who do you like most?
Elf: I like T and N

awwww baby who taught you to love
My grandparents are visiting us, my grandfather is struggling to get off the sink in couch, elf stretches out his hand and says muthasha come I will help you
I ask him who told you to help muthasha? He says mama!!!

Way to make me look like mother of the year!
My mom who is also visiting us is bathing the elf and opens the shower by mistake. 5 drops of water fall on his head. He wags his finger at my mom saying – I will tell my mama!
Oh my god , such confidence in my abilities
——————————————————–My mom is playing with the kid, he whacks her in a moment of annoyance, she says you hit me so hard, shall I tell your mama. He lowers his voice saying no no don’t tell my mama

yup I am scary. Ask my kid
Elf, tall one and I are in the car and like all good Indian kids, elf is sitting on my lap in the front seat. Fiddling with the Ac. (Dude it’s winter in Mumbai – a whole 20 degrees Celsius), the tall one is attempting to switch it off. This goes on for a bit. Elf wags a finger at tall one saying – Dadu just drive

someone tell him his teenage years are yet to come
Every night he goes in to say goodnight, tuck his great grandparents to bed: first he puts Vaseline on the lips of everyone in the house, then the 3 victims are told to ‘LIE DOWN’ in a bossy tone, a cover is put on them after much effort and then they are told in an even more bossy tone to close their eyes, non talking and sleep!

The victims think the elf is ‘da bomb’

I fear for my grandchildren

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