Day 2: this is on my mind today

This is on my mind today so here goes day 2:

Now let’s me honest here- the one thing I need to work on most is my health. I am being nice to me and not just saying my weight is my biggest issue.

Every time I take one step forward, I take 2 steps back. Life in general happens and I forget. People say I can be determined when I want. I don’t see it…

Exercising is not a way of life for me. Eating healthy is an effort. Control is not my middle name.

I hate admitting all this in a public forum. I feel this makes me a lesser person. I don’t even know the purpose of this blog post but whatever…

10 thoughts on “Day 2: this is on my mind today

  1. Pepper

    Nuttie, this post is for me. I know I am thin, so most people scoff at me when I tell them how badly I need to exercise. The doctors have warned me several times. I need to consume more calcium, drink more water and make sure I exercise for 40 minutes everyday if I don’t want my limbs to fall apart in the next 10 years. My BMD levels are abysmal and I have no way out but to eat right and exercise.. but I just can’t. I try and then I let go in a few days. Eating healthy isn’t too much of an effort for me, but I don’t know how to exercise everyday 😐

  2. celestialrays

    Make exercise a group activity I’d say. It helps to have people to give you company and you won’t feel that it is an effort. Start small. Go for long walks chatting with someone. You’ll want to do more automatically πŸ™‚
    Good luck!

  3. The Girl in Blue Jeans

    Oh well, guess what, this is for me too. I think (personally) that I don’t need to lose any more weight, but fitness matters, and I know how much better I feel in general when I push myself to walk/run for those 40 mins each day. I was quite regular the last 2 months and then gave up again, blaming it on the holiday season. The worst thing is I wake up with my hands and legs hurting these days, how much ever I sleep because ‘unfit’. 😦 We should all form some whasap group and push each other.


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