My hearts goes mmmm.mmmm.

I love rains in Mumbai and by Love i mean love love.

I love the overcast sky, the cold breeze, the heavy rain, the greenery! I love wandering out of Mumbai to all the lovely hill stations nearyby. I make it a point to get thoroughly drenched in the rain at least once. The rain makes me hum, makes me sing out aloud, makes me smile, makes me a happy person -even my skin is happier without the oily sheen that becomes my USP in summers. I cant explain it well but the rain makes me appreciate my loved one more. 

And to the horror of all other mumbaikers – I DONT MIND THE traffic jams. While i move at 10kmph, i fiddle with my phone and amuse myself by making sarcastic comments on my multiple whatsapp group – Example:

Friend: This city is pathetic yaar, the traffic is pathetic and thats an understatement

Me: Hahahaha

Friend: How can u laugh?

Me: See the Western Express highway is like God/Karma – u dont find ways to beat the traffic. U bow down to the greatness of the highway. I accept all that it has to give me and dont question it.

and since i think i am funny – i repeat this on facebook and to everyone i meet the next day

The truth is that the jams give me time to think – be alone in my thoughts and the music from FM fills me. From Direstraits & Def leppard to hindi oldies to songs from my teenage years to today’s jhinktak music – they all sound better in the rain. 

 It makes me poetic and it seems to be the reason i want to write and I am back here. THat and the fact that wordpress now opens on my office laptop.




13 thoughts on “My hearts goes mmmm.mmmm.

  1. R's Mom

    Happy – Nuttie is back to the blogging world


    Remind me to spank you the next time we meet for liking the Mumbai rains…I dislike them with a vengence..wish it just rained in the catchment areas and these water cuts would go away Gah!

  2. vishalbheeroo

    Hey Nuttie Natters, you make me miss Mumbai even more…despite every flaws, we love the city with its dampeners. Welcome back and I am so glad to read u..was wondering where u’ve been-u were one of the first I connected with way back in 2010. An ode to the reunion:)


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