Just another day until…

Nope i don’t celebrate mother’s day! Yes i appreciate my mom and yes i love being a mom, but i don’t need to celebrate it. I don’t expect gifts from my 2 month old (the husband has just pulled off a surprise baby shower, too soon to expect another surprise).

So it was just another day in the life of the nut. We were shopping at hypercity and i went to find pampers for the baby. As i picked up the desired object and was walking away from the counter, a voice from behind me said

Excuse me madame! – Happy Mother’s day and handed me a rose.

For a second, i went like – Wooah me a mother ???and then i looked at the elf in my hands and remembered.

It felt good! Thank you P&G! My first mother’s day gift! I am touched

Next year, maybe the mater will get a surprise after all. Noone minds a surprise now and then don’t they!


21 thoughts on “Just another day until…

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    Surprise giftsssss are always welcome…

    Hope you had a great day.. I think nowadays its commercialised by companies.. but end of the mothers day is about love and care and appreciated for the hard work mothers do….


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