I say this with pride -I know the author

Review of “A Calendar too crowded by Sagarika Chakraborthy”

To tell you the truth, i didn’t want to review this book. For a couple of reasons, one i am not a big fan of short stories, two I really don’t “get” or “like” feminism overdone and a book full of stories about women sounded just too much to take. But the main reason was that this was written by a dear friend and i didn’t want to be dishonest if i didn’t like it.

But read the book I did! This was not about feminism. It was stories, stories of women. Yes it dealt with topics like rape, prostitution and the like but there were stories of women just like us. I read the stories slowly savouring them, slowly not wanting the book to end. Some characters stay with you and you wonder what happened when the story ended. You feel the optimism, the despair, the happiness the characters share. Some maybe more than others.

Like Sagarika told me you will identify with some of the characters. I loved the fact that none of the characters had names (explanation being that it could be the story of any women). The stories which particularly touched me was the young widow who escapes – (Sags, i need you to tell me what happens after she escapes :-), the ideal mother (i was pregnant then and the women seemed to be narrating my thoughts) and i loved the story on adoption, knowing how close the topic is to the author’s heart.

What stayed with me was the thought that how did a 27(??) year old managing to get into the head and heart of so many characters. How did she have the strength to do so.The book is hard hitting, at times disturbing, it’s the topics we like to sweep under the carpet. Go ahead read it, it isn’t a light read but savour the book story by story!

My only grievance was i wanted more stories !!!

I can’t being to tell you how delayed this review is. I think i read the book close to 100 days ago. I have no excuses, nothing ! Hangs head in shame.


21 thoughts on “I say this with pride -I know the author

  1. DI

    Ooh I loved the Ideal mother story too, I had just had Zo! I loved how each story seemed so real, and not exaggerated or far fetched like a lot of them do , esp when pertaining to women! Ok, bas, too much I have chadaoed Sags already, so I won’t gush all over it again! πŸ™‚

    1. deviantwave

      Ailo! Bas? itna hi milega? N here I sit with a bowl of popcorn thinking ull praise me more n more ;)( …. sigh I wasn’t as good – didn’t u girls notice I wrote the book only after I met u all – truly the girl gang effect πŸ˜€

  2. R's Mom

    I love you Nuttie..ask me why? because I thought mine would be the LAST review in the blog world..thankfully yours came after me πŸ™‚

    I dont know the author personally, but I sure am proud of her lovely book πŸ™‚

    1. deviantwave

      Ain’t you guys just wonderful – fighting over who will be the last one – I can let’s force others to write some more – then u won’t even be close to last πŸ˜›

  3. deviantwave

    You know it is a battle won when you convert a skeptic into a reader who says “stories were not enough”!!! Oh Mommmyyyyy u made my day .. n u know how special is today .. no wonder I call you the sane one!

    I need to now run n come n hug u …. thank u sweetheart – you made me relive our conversations all over again!

    Btw aunty told me she liked the book too – a review before u – bu ha ha πŸ˜›


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