Randomness – Friendship etc etc

So the weekend that was deserves a mention – you decide whether it needs to be read or not. I just want to document this for me.

A very happy 3 days – a perfect end to the year and a perfect start to it too.

Friendly Friday – 30th Dec

We informed the evil boss that we were off from work at 2:30 and he just had to deal with it.

My BFF from my graduation P was in town – down from London. I don’t remember when i last met her – 2 years ago maybe. Both of us are “pathetic phone keeping in touchers” so we barely talk. But somehow when we meet, it’s like we are the same nut/p combination from college, no awkward silences, no u don’t call me, no why didn’t u meet me last time. I think this is just a lovely free free friendship we have!

Later that evening,we were to have a reunion of our MBA friends – i have to admit, i was not too keen calling them boring and all and i was mentioning that to a friend of mine who is also an MBA types and she mentioned how her batchmates were always trying to outdo one another with their job titles, square foot of flats etc.

And i realized nope these guys were not that like that.

i was just being stupid. Somewhere i have a lot of affection for most of my batchmates – i may not want to meet them on a daily basis but they were such an important part of my life for 2 years and will always have a piece of my heart

And boy am i glad i went – we had a blast. The guys got so “nicely high” (me i was the designate driver) -we talked of college crushes, pulled each others legs and it felt so good! I was made to tell the tale of a very non-existent “romantic” story of the Tall one and me!!

We meet again as a larger crowd sometime this month and i will look forward to it

And that was my Friday

SAturday – 31st Dec – While the world planned its party ways and clothes – we went to Khandala in our new car (oops did i just let that slip in) for lunch! Lunch done – we drove right back. Did i say “we”. Sorry the tall one drove back while i slept like there was no tomorrow.

We welcomed New years as grown ups do – ummm ok loosers do – watching Big Boss! A quick hug at 12 and our eyes were back on the TV.

But there was something nice to this – no drunkenness, no struggling for space, no searching for one another in a crowd. here we were just the 2 of us – pizza, garlic bread, and beer to add to the party!

Sunday – 1st Jan – Spoke to all and sundry in the family and then headed for some fantastic seafood! oooh, ooh and the highlight of my life i found a fish shop that delivers fresh fish home. Soo exciting!!! Sherlock Holmes and a hot coffee made my evening!

I can’t really remember what i did on Sunday evening but i am guessing the amnesia is because it must have been fairly dull!

When i read this post, i wonder what made this weekend feel so good – it was like most other weekends, yet it was not. 2012 you look promising don’t ya!

28 thoughts on “Randomness – Friendship etc etc

    1. Bikram

      Now now thats a good way to celebrate and all the way to khandal just for Lunch WOW.. now thats romantic …

      and spedning time with school/college friends WOWOWO I cud do anything to go back there ..

      2012 indeed looks promising .. all the best

  1. My era

    Wow! a perfect way to celebrate the end of 2011 and to welcome 2012 πŸ˜€
    It happens with me me too that I am often nervous in meeting up with old friends but the meeting always turns out quite different and very pleasant πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Am glad you had a wonderful start to the new year πŸ™‚

      1. Pepper

        Why would you read this and think it sounds like most other weekends? Or are all your weekends this exciting and interesting. *Jealous*
        Anyway, hope 2012 is a brilliant year for you πŸ™‚

  2. Deboshree

    Khandala sounds great. I so feel like driving down there right now.
    And yes, fantastic way to bring the new year in. (IMO, if you cut out that Big Boss part. Eee. But wait, that’s what Dad did as well. What’s with Big Boss??) πŸ˜›

  3. zephyr

    that sure sounds like a packed-with-events weekend and new year’s eve. It is nice to end the year on a high note and begin the next with the momentum. Happy new year, Nut!

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