Black Magic Woman

I have always suspected i have magical powers and over the last week i have proof. So you who is planning to take panga with me…beware! Unfortunately these magical powers only work in troubling people, i haven’t been successful in doing any “good” yet.

So on Friday, my colleagues and i went out for lunch and i drove everyone to the nearby mall. One of the guys – lets call him RA, kept making fun of Swiffy Reddy (my red swift for the ignorant). Yeah Swiffy reddy is now old and a lit bit of her seat stuffing is coming out – but she is my baby and hmmmph to you who are mean to her.

I made a passing comment to RA about not showing off just coz he has a new sparkling car…Guess what come Sunday – he goes shopping, comes back and finds a BIG dent on his car and an even BIGGER SCRATCH!!!

of course i laughed my evil laugh…what did u expect from the ‘angelic nut’


Anyway so i warned the Tall one about my powers but of course the man paid no heed. The next morning, he had to awake early for a call with the US. He woke up with multiple alarms, i tried – i really tried hard not to smack him for that (See how nice i am!). The man awakes to find that his call has been postponed and he can’t go back to sleep.

Also at that point of time, he thinks i look “pet-able” and it is his birth right to come and try to “pet me”…I tell him very nicely to pls get lost…but no he persists – I get up and yell! (hello, morning sleep, stubble, cranky nut – what do u expect?). The man is scared and goes off to make tea.

My sleep spoilt, a very cranky nut wakes up and demands to be entertained. The Tall one refuses. The audacity of the man i tell u.

Anyway, while drinking his tea, he spills the tea on himself. After much dancing around and commenting on how critical parts of his body had been missed, he finally heard a giggly nut tell him to go put cold water on his “burnt” body.

Screaming and with a lot of drama the man goes to the bathroom and attempts to open the tap. As with most comedies, the shower comes on and drenches.

The Nut is entertained!!!

Dont take panga with me i say!

In other news, isn’t the late pataudi just so hot – Why Saif do you have to look so much like your mother. The Husband is not even taking offence to my open leching because of the senior patuadi’s age…



34 thoughts on “Black Magic Woman

  1. Bikram

    yes mam.. point noted .. and oh yes i am ignorant did not know what swiffy was .. and hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do say something nice for me , I am picking up my new car Monday 26th .. oh yessssssssssss but it is silver.. Think about it something nice .. I am a friend πŸ™‚ he he he

    I hope the TALL ONE is ok and not burnt himself πŸ™‚

  2. Pepper

    Do you also have the ability to work for a third person? I have a long list of people who piss me off. If you’re willing to cast your spell on them, I would be grateful.

  3. DQ

    Missing your drama .. your rolling of the eyes and the ‘see i told you my child look’ .. dammit Tall One you are so lucky! 😦

    Btw … stop trying to steal my Drama Queen tag …

  4. smartassbride

    I hereby vote Swiffy Reddy as the most awesome car on earth- hope that takes me off the black list for ever.

    and poor Tall One, I mean, no, serves him right I say, for not entertaining you *phew*

  5. DI

    Seriously? However, I will not take the chances of pissing you off by being srcastic, and would choose to commission your help to voodoofy some buggers I know! Lemme know your charges πŸ˜‰

  6. vishalbheeroo

    Hey Nuttie
    U are sounding scary..panga mat le Nuttie so..BTW I love the Swift..It’s one of moi favourite..lovely post cheers

  7. The Other Side of Life

    Haha! πŸ˜€
    Point noted! But, tell me, is this thing transferable? Can you do your black magic thingy to people who are mean to your friends too? Let me know. I have my list ready! πŸ˜›

    PS: So nice to read your post after so long! πŸ™‚

  8. Tanishka

    I wish I had similar powers, it would have helped me soo much with some people…. But I’m happy for you and then I can always scare others taking your name…. πŸ˜€


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