An open letter to the terrorists….


So you struck again – this time the National Capital. Yesterday, i spent a lot of time thinking about you thanks to all the 9/11 documentaries on TV. I still remember the fear i felt during 9/11. The fear abated as i thought of it as America’s problem. Then the fear during the mumbai train bomb blasts and the fear during 26/11. 26/11 changed things – once the fear went off, it was overcome with anger – a lot of anger at you, the establishment, the general apathy of our government and at us the common citizens.

A lot of us had a lot of hope – hope that things would change post 26/11. Somehow we would be more secure but u managed to prove that we were wrong – nothing changes. Status quo.

Now i don’t feel angry when i hear about a bomb blast. I don’t feel scared. I have accepted it as one of the ways that humans die – much like heartaches. I just pray that no one i know is part of it and move on with life. We are at work the next day, we don’t continuously watch the news, we know the pattern – intelligence failure, Chidhambaram will condemn the attacks, Manmohan Singh will condemn the attack and promise to take stern action against anyone who threatens India’s security, Opposition will use this as a weapon against the ruling party, Some politician will put his foot in his mouth and we the common citizen will call people we know to check if all is well. And then a couple of heated conversations and we are done!

Ok So my point is this – killing innocents Indians is not really helping you either. You See the government doesn’t care about me. My death will not matter. It will not get u back Kashmir nor will it cause Kasab or Afzal guru to be released from jail. Surely you are smart enough to realize that.We are too weak and unimportant to move our government to do anything for us and the government realizes that and makes some noises and we all move on.

I oscillated for a long time wondering if i should write the next para, I feel guilty writing this but then again i need to safeguard myself. You don’t need to kill to get what you want.Kidnap a politician and it works wonders – remember Mufti Sayeed’s daughter?

So use your resources intelligently and stop this nonsense. Our lives are not as important.The only thing you might achieve is reducing our population growth rate.

A Nut


20 thoughts on “An open letter to the terrorists….

  1. R's Mom

    *Stands up and applaudes* Awesome Nuttie…just yesterday I was telling my mom that whats the point..these guys are wasting their time killing us..its really not making a difference to the politicians..kill a couple of politicians or kidnap someone and it may make a difference perhaps…

    and true, after every blast, we just call up people we know asking if everything is safe…its become a part of life for us..sad but true 😦

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      I am glad i am not the only one thinking of such possibilities.

      I have stopped blaming us for becoming immune – there is only so much of anger we can show, only so many candle light vigils we can carry out – in the end we need to earn our bread and butter, manage our own lives.

  2. Bikram

    Nice one .. lovely post ..
    This is all Govt’s way of making us look other way , Recently Govt was getting too much pressure so this happens .. Its the govt who has got this done..

    Dont we say that to the person who sees a murdr and does not report .. we say they are equally guilty.. Well its same here .. GOVT knows who did it , when they did it YET nothing happens .. so

    I wonder how come A politician never gets hurt in all these blasts .. never heard of it .. makes you wonder …

    And as the first comment and As I wrote on my article Request to Terrorists please dont kill the innocent there are hundreds to kill the corrupt , the bad .. the worthless Indian POLITICIANS are there Do us a favour Get us rid of all of them …

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      True and if you help with a murder you are equally responsible – and i guess by not ensuring that we are safe – the government is responsible for the attacks too.

      The only smart terrorist was the one who attacked the parliament and that too they all got away – some bechara police guy got stuck!

      Lol – i hope the terrorists are listening to u Bikram i really do πŸ™‚

  3. Zephyr

    That’s a good suggestion Nuts. Kidnap or bomb the politicians. But they will never need to fear. They will just upgrade their security to another level Z++ and get on with their globe-trotting or bashing each other verbally.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Thats true and we the wimps will continue to pay for their security!

      Well i guess the terrorists just need to get more creative because bombing regular citizens aint helping their cause!

  4. Comfy

    I said something similar in the comment section when the last Mumbai bomb blast happened. We don’t count in the bigger scheme of things, to either the terrorists or the politicians. So what is our life to them?

    Contrast that to the 9/11 victims and how much the government took care of their families and still remembers them. At least the people don’t feel not cared for.

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Well comfy – Dont u know American lives are more important than us…We are 1 billion of us – how does a few of us kicking the bucket matter! As long as the idiot politicians are safe!

  5. ajay

    A much needed and awaited post from Nuttie. πŸ™‚ I hope terrorists see through the pointlessness of killing unsuspecting, ordinary citizens.

  6. celestialrays

    Well said Nuttie!

    Wait! Dont we have a terrorist captured already? What is it we are doing with him- paying taxes to make him fat. πŸ™„

    Reminds me of Raju Shrivastav’s dark humour act on bombs.

  7. Swaram

    😦 We are tired of waiting for our govt. to wake up! Seriously, are those terrorists so dumb? Well, it’s now not limited to Kashmir for them – they just want to see Indians die 😦

  8. smartassbride

    how very true, nut. like our lives matter at all.

    and you know, the Home Minister saar was here, back to his native the following weekend, life as usual for him.

    I was wondering – if at all something went wrong in our jobs, like say a huge software bug/ money loss, would we be allowed to leave until we fixed it? would it be possible for us to say “I regret it. It’s a blot. I condemn it” and then go on with our lives. What a life he must have!

  9. Deboshree

    On one thing I have to totally agree. The value of our lives has gone down the drain. Death toll figures come out in dozens and scores and equate us to random vegetables in the market. Sad, but true.


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