Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

The candle burnt out long before…

The wind in your hair, life felt good, a new job awaited,
A young 21 year ready to take on the world.
A screeching halt, and the lights blacked out
Leaving us wondering —

Wondering why you didn’t use your common sense?
What force of nature would have caused things to be different?
Could we have done or said something to make it all different?
Why you?

In your last minutes, as you fell, did u think about your smiling mom,
Your little “character” of a brother, the practical father?

We are left wondering of a life that could have been,
and all are thoughts are peppered with if only’s and what if’s.

Last night The Tall One lost his first cousin in a car accident. A young 21 year who was to start working very soon.

His life cut short due to what can only be called a ‘stupid’ decision on his part. The kid would have never known that such stupidity can have such big repercussions. Youth makes u believe u are immortal.A rash decision leaving an indelible mark on the lives of his parents.

Kid – Find a place that gives u peace, find a way to comfort your parents, bring a smile back to your brother. We’ll miss u! We’ll think of the good times but we may never stop wondering why and what could have been. God bless!

Please pray for his parents and brother!