Ramblings from a rickety old cab

As i sat in the cab last night, i was over whelmed by the number of lights from all the high rise building. So many people – strangers to one another.and me a tiny speck – something that doesn’t matter!

Took me back to a time, when i was working in Mumbai – thrilled to be posted back to this city i loved and studied in for seven long years. The hours i spent at Barista, watching people while reading, the walks along bandstand, the millions of books i read, hours of talking to the tall one, cheeni and my mom on the phone, the weekend partying didn’t help. I realized i was lonely – lonely in this city which i thought was mine – no good friends, no family – no one to go home to. I was quite relieved when i was sent back to Bangalore.

Yesterday – as i sat and watched thousands of people make their way home, many of whom would go home to an empty house – I felt humbled i have you.

You waiting for me, worrying about me getting stuck in traffic, advising me on the best way to get to you – Someone in this horde of people in Mumbai – for whom i am the centre of the universe (even if i say so myself)

Thank you sweetheart…for everything i say and most of all for all the things i don’t say! I couldn’t have got luckier!!

here’s wishing you the most fantastic year ahead and many many years of being agonized by me!

Happy Birthday!!

p.s. am off home for a week…so ciao people – will see u on the otherside πŸ™‚


56 thoughts on “Ramblings from a rickety old cab

  1. smartassbride

    A very happy b’day tall one! May you and Nut live happy and healthy!

    Nut, I can so relate to that lonely feeling and that relief of having someone to come home to. Sometimes, the biggest thrill in a day for me, is going home and ringing the bell knowing that the person behind the door is delighted to see me(however much I torture him to act delighted :P)

    It’s so easy to take that blessing for granted, no? Touch wood!

  2. Comfy

    Aww.. a happy happy birthday to the Tall One. And a love filled, care filled, happiness filled life of togetherness to both of you.

  3. R's Mom

    Oh how wonderful Nuttie…such a lovely way to wish someone happy birthday..I wish I could get such words…RD’s next birthday I am going to copy this post hehehe πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to the Tall One and hope you guys have a wonderful time together always πŸ™‚

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      R’s mom – i am honoured!!! and be my guest in using the post though i am going to bet u will do a better job…i remember the valentines day post was it?? the ones u were grateful for πŸ™‚

  4. chroniclesofdee

    I want a dog for the coming home thing, because the DH is all like “good ur home, get me some coffee.” 😐

    Anyway, digression aside.. happy birthday tall one! πŸ™‚

  5. vishalbheeroo

    Hey Nutty
    It’s been long. I went into hibernation and I’m back..I can share ur happiness on Mumbai and super sexy Barista.I’m a huge fan of Barista in Mumbai as well and emphatize with u.Looks like both of us are on the same boat. guess I’m quite late to wish you happy bday. Many returns of the year though.

    With love


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