Racism anyone?

Seen on multiple FB accounts after the India Pak match:

“When the boys in blue come out to play, all the racists, terrorists and ravans run away!!!”…

So much so that one of the news readers in NDTV (i think!!!) actually thought it was a good joke to share –

“The indian cricket team has managed to keep another 11 pakistanis from entering mumbai” – referring to the 11 terrorists who were supposed to have entered Mumbai.

And this doesn’t make us racist? Equating all Pakistanis to terrorists, Srilankans to ravans…Funny? U like it? Well the next time don’t crib when India is painted as a land of slums or whatever else we are ‘racially’ called abroad!

44 thoughts on “Racism anyone?

  1. Bikram

    WEll we indians are the MOST racist people no second thoughts about it.. we moan when someone does to us .. but we ouself do the same to our own..

    There is a big thing going on about sikh TURBANS as foreign airports want them searched and turban is honour issue and on 28th march a Senior Indian police office Gets hold of a Sikh man and Put his hand on his turban and takes it off.

    Someone has put a video of it on FB..

    This is US indians we cry and go hoarse on everything outside india and ourself do it with pride ..

    SAD on the NDTV remark how immature is that …

  2. Scribby

    even I felt the same Nuttie…that was just a game and of course I’m elated that our team won but it could have been either ways too…we could have been that side yesterday…

    But the smses, status messages doing rounds since yesterday are ridiculous and non acceptable…even the responsible media-Radio Mirchi is also airing such jokes about Pakistan and it’s players…not fair is all I feel !

    We’re taking it beyond the field I guess !

  3. UmaS

    This is why I didnt like so much talk and hype abt one game of cricket….it all goes above the boundaries over a period of time….when u dont know what to say or talk !!!

    Bad piece of words….in bad taste….

  4. Comfy

    I think we all start out with good clean intensions and then things start to snowball out of control in the game of one-upmanship.

    As sad as it is, it is the truth about us humans.

  5. ajay

    People go overboard with cricket and post totally unwarranted messages on social networking sites which has become more of a medium to shout out to the world than to connect with friends and for that matter the very definition of friend has changed.

    While the win of the Indian team is a moment of rejoice, what went overlooked was Afridi’s fine sportsmanship when the first thing he did in the post-match presentation was to congratulate India and wish us luck for the final. How often do you see things like that? Had Dhoni been in his shoes and done the same, I’m sure people would’ve accused him of being a pro-Pakistan. We need to grow up and use our discretion.

    PS: About Indians viewing all white women as easy, I agree to disagree with you. I’d say all are not alike and we hate such men as much as you do. I don’t think skin color matters for such predators. Please don’t associate Indian with such men. My pride has been hurt. πŸ™‚

  6. smartassbride

    I read an FB comment that said Pak’s national anthem sounded like a tooth paste ad. this guy(who said it) is educated, lives abroad. It sort of shows what people are made of, regardless of the outer coating.

    but then there were many who were truly glad that we won, they were not happy because the other team lost, because we won. that’s a good thing, i suppose.

  7. Pixie

    yea.. I thought so too!! I’m glad you brought it up Nuttie..
    It’s not funny at all!
    It was a brilliant match and Saturday is going to be an absolute cracker!! But, comments like these need to be kept out!

  8. Meena Menon

    Hmpf! True v true… Did see some uncalled for bitter comments thru the game! Yea as its said ~~ Somebody living in a glass house cant afford to throw stones at others!!!

    Good one!

  9. zephyr

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

    Hey Nut, I am not getting your posts by mail these days. Pl check.

  10. Tanishka

    I really wanted to write about this… Thanks for writing it…

    People really went out of the way, used all the abusive language and crossed all the limits… It was very shameful on our part….

  11. Dee

    not to mention the ravan, sita, lanka, LTTE remarks.

    We won. That’s it. Lets be happy as is, not at someone’s expense.



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