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Our deal

I thought we had a deal, i thought i was your special child.
You know the mater worries! and U know you have to be nice to her.
I have faith in you, i know things could be worse,
but i can still complain can’t i?

know there is no reason to cry or feel low
And the worst case scenario aint that much of a big deal.
I know there are times that i have gotaway easy
I am grateful, you know that
And i am asking you, let me getaway again.
Don’t make me pay for my carelessness.
Let me continue my unwavering faith in you

I am not that ready to grow up and redefine what i believe of u!


Winds of Change

I feel the winds of change,
I hope i am not wrong,
There is an optimism in the air,
or am i just hoping against hope?

My brain tells me not so soon,
My heart is not so sure,
My heart would like to believe
Or is just the rest of my being?

Are those signs
or is it my imagination?

Is it an escape,
or is the real thing
Escape from all that is mundane
But then again how do u define the real thing?

Can important decisions be spontaneous
Or has the thought always being there
Can your convictions change so soon
With no drastic happenings?

Why can’t i wait to know
I need a crystal ball
Uff i hate the wait

Come on winds of change,
A gust of wind or a light cool breeze,
Make me feel optimistic
Refresh me
Make me a new person
And Come On Now!

I read this – and it is unlikely to make sense but then again my blog my freedom

and to give u something other than my ridiculous garrulous post to comment on – let me add i complete exactly one year of blogging today.

Yay…i didn’t expect to survive!

The Enthusiasts and the Fanatics

A couple of years ago – Japan started dividing the world into Enthusiasts and Fanatics.

They introduced the world to Su-Doku.

In the beginning people were happy just attempting to solve it – we were all “Attempters”. They started awaiting the morning paper – ppl would argue with family members just to resolve who would solve the “Su Doku” that day and yes the fight would intensify if God Forbid the person didn’t manage to finish the “Su-Doku” but messed the paper up enough to ensure no one else could solve it.

Then these attempters actually started finishing “Su Doku” on a regular basis and became the “finishers”. It was no longer a big deal to finish Su Doku – what mattered was how much time. Newspapers milked this enthusiasm with crazy folks finishing Su Doku in 1:03:22 Secs (How the hell!!!) The nation went into a frenzy with ppl trying to beat these high standards.

The finishers refined and became the Enthusiasts. They were divided into 2 Sectors –

There were those who loved the fact that they were good at it and solved it at lightening fast time – u guessed it the “Impressers”,

Then there were those who competed it with each other and fought over which one had won by a milli-second – “the fighters” . (I hav heard that these cases were at times settled by the High Court and when the High Court refused to pass a judgement – the Supreme Court was beckoned)

Of course amongest all this there were a section of the society who refused to get drawn in and blamed the lack of time, mathematical inabilities and always screwed up their nose with a “pls – How nerdish”. but then again our story isn;t abt these much of loosers.

Of the Enthusiasts – the impressors – naah there isn;t much to say about them – they were Boring. Just came in Solved the Su-Doku and walked away leaving the world impressed. But the Fighters they Got dangerous. And Competition always divides.

Today we have ppl who upon loosing Su-Doku and being taunted rush to buy Su-Doku Books, get “presented” with the Su-Doku Game and will do anything to ensure that they are never beaten again. They will spend close to an hour arranging the game which shud ideally be solved in two mins –

So ladies and Gentlement here comes ” the Fanatics”….and we all know what fanatism breeds.Yes – they are dangerous – So fighters who aints fanatics, impressors who aint fighters. BEWARE COZ here comes the fanatics.

Dont take them lightly coz they are a result of Japan’s mind game with the rest of the world

So are u an attemptor, a snob, an impresser, an enthusiast or a fanatic?

i had written this in 2007 when my everyone in my office was heavily into Sudoku Mania