Comfortably Numb

Inspired by this blog of Tanishka’s-whose blog I have just started reading and totally loving it. I am still trying not to judge her for loving Karan Singh Grover but ummm whatever.

So my dream job as a child – I think when I was perhaps somewhere between 8-12 years old – was to own a store. A store where everything was sold right from screws and nails to Barbie dolls to furniture. The idea was everything under the sun.

My Store was called ummm – “Sweet heart Store”…why u ask? Was I one of those kids who grew up too fast and wanted a sweetheart? Nope! The answer lies in my artistic skills…I could pretty much only draw hearts and hence the logo of my store pretty much determined its name. The colours of the hearts were purple and pink- coming to think of it – I should charge coffee day royalty for stealing my colours. I used to write letters to suppliers when my stock ran out complete with the “Sweet heart logo”. I would write thank you letters to customers who appreciated my service.

Sweet heart store was a part of my company called the “Red eye” corporation – which also was in the business of printing birthday cards, writing stories and so on. The red eye corporation had a logo – a sad looking flying bird with a red eye…once again my creativity was limited by my lack of artist skills. Remnants of the red eye corporation can be found with the grannies and the mother in the form of birthday cards, anniversary cards and the like.

I think around the the same time want to be a “vamp” in movies duh – primarily driven by the astounding success of me as Cinderella’s step sister. My grandparents had come to watch the play at school and were shocked that the soft spoken shy I (yes I was that way) could act so brilliantly. I must say I loved the adoration of the fans (the grandmother who recites the story to this day) and the filmfares I won..yes they were in my head but so what I won them didn’t I?

There was also this phase when I wanted to be an archaeologist – you know highest marks in history and all – until I realized that archaeology involved digging and mud and dust – all of which were really not my forte.

And then came along NDTV/Star news and I was all about war journalism – until I realized that there was a fairly high degree of danger to self – So jaan pyari decided that she would be a war journalist who would visit after a war and let people know about the after effects of a war.

But somewhere life took over – and the entrepreneur turned actress turned archaeologist turned journalist became a banker!

Why u ask? Because I think that sometimes life’s realities kill dreams. Ask me today do u want to be an entrepreneur and I will say No – cause I like my Saturday, Sunday’s off and I like my annual getaways and holidays and the like. And I am not willing to sacrifice even one year of the same. Archaeology and Journalism – at the time I decided to do commerce where not considered the most ‘reliable” source of income and hence discarded by the much too practical me.

Have I made the right choice? I don’t know?
Is it too late? – I think so…
Is this what I am meant to do? – Hell No- my life must be more than about being a banker?
Do I love my job?- No, but I don’t hate it on most days.
Is that a good sign? – I don’t know
Would I have loved doing the other things? – Who knows?
Will I crib about dreams left behind – of course
Will I regret it on my death bed – I will blog about that …umm from heaven I guess Smart alecs- I am going to heaven – I have halo and all

Will I make a change – No I won’t, I am much too complacent…
You see I have become comfortably numb


63 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb

  1. Pepper

    You are a Banker? Naice! I used to believe all bankers are rich, because they held all the money after all 😛

    I really think Sweet Heart Store was a marvelous idea. I say go for it even now 😀

  2. bikram

    So we know who to blame for the curreny economy problem he he hhe
    I like the idea of sweetts . I was smiling going through the artocle a good start to the day

  3. Tanishka

    Oh that sweet heart store was a fab idea… You know we can still work it out…. 😀
    You are an artist cum actress… Great combination…. The blogoshphere is flooded with talent of course I’m counting me out…. 😀 😀
    Banker is a good job…. Imagine how much access you have to money… Oh that reminds me since you are working in a bank do you have any contacts in RBI, you could help me get my dream job…. 😉

    And yes I love love love karan singh grover… He is sooo…….. 😳

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      u know i am trying really hard not to judge you but u keep saying karan singh grover…

      RBI – well my friend’s dad works there so send me your details and i will see what i can do

          1. Dido

            KAran is handsomeee :P:P:P ……aah so i have got some company here 😉

            Nuttiee he is nice yaar….pyaar bhari ankhon se dkeho :P…but yaa he dumped his wife which is a negative point on him….but for his looks and tht body and tht acting i give him full marks 🙂

            If u ever plan ot open a barbie doll furniture store…pleaeeeee hire me…pleasee

            1. Nuttie Natters Post author

              Mujhe Ankhe hi badlna padega to view him as “handsome” – Chikna types….

              OK lady – u are on…however be warned i may never do anything which involves me working more than M to F – till 7 maximum…so am guessing owning anything is pretty much out!

            2. Tanishka

              Oh so I have some one on my side… Thanks dido… 🙂

              You just need to look at him once nuttie…. Forget the fact he dumped his wife… She was anyways whatever…

            1. Anonymously Disguised

              Nutty I want to sue you for scaring the shit out of me. I googled to see who this Karan Grover is and Holy Depp! google throws at me an unbuttoned meatloaf of a guy with mashed potato eyes 😯 Yuck yuck….I think i will never ever be able to enjoy a plate of mashed potatoes and meatballs 😥

            2. ajay

              Holy Depp! You’ve got Depp-mania. 😛 I can’t say how happy I am to read all that stuff you said about that Grover. 😀

    2. deviantwave

      Hello.. come join us bankers n then u wuld know of all the money that surrpunds us ;mad:

      Karan Singh Grover is just a meat loaf .. am telling u yet again Tan japanese r much better 🙄

  4. DI

    Sweet Heart store? 😐
    Anyhow, I think I was more on the lines of doctor, archaeologist, journalist and then anything which doesn’t need to me work too much, and I think I achieved that 😛
    Comfortably numb is the bestest thing to be! 😀

  5. Scribbler

    it’s not too late…take it up after few years down the line when you’re done with banking and all that stuff 🙂

    it’s never too late to achieve what you wish/wished for 🙂

  6. Anonymously Disguised

    For a moment looking at the title, my brilliant mind deuced that you got a baby like Buzzy 🙄

    Haa Sweet Heart Store!! I am sure all kinds of wannabe lovers would definitely hang around in your store hoping to get noticed by some sweethearts :mrgreen:

    Sigh! I just wanted to grow up into a normal sane person but life had a mental asylum in store for me 😥

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Saksi is back and i is happy…

      It would have been the new lovers point…

      and life didn’t have a mental asylum in store…life couldn’t help it…it tried hard and really hard and still didn’t succeed 😛

  7. ajay

    Sweet-heart Store! That’s a fabulous name and I’m sure would become famous in no time with all the pairs thronging the place. 😀 My dream job would be blogging, reading blogs and commenting! 😀 But no one would pay me for that! Kaash. Sigh!

  8. comfortablynam

    First things first.. who likes Karan Grover?? I had to search for him and my eyes are hurting.. People really like him?? Get your eyes tested people

    Sweet heart store sounds like a great about you sell the idea to some rich guy for some % in the store for you. That way you get to be rich and still keep your vacation time and weekends 😀 😀

    And most important thing..You copied my name as your post 😯 😛 😛

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      That mad girl Tanishka….yuckkkk!!!!

      Now you are the one with the best idea comfy….can u pls be the rich guy and then i dont need to search and all.

      Saksh came here thinking i had a buzzie pie & hence the title….:-P and no i aint paying no royalty Nahii Nahiii

  9. zephyr

    Comfortably numb, are you? Well to be frank, aren’t most of us too? I know a guy in our family who has been cribbing about his job for the past decade and yet is reluctant to change because it would involve too much effort to be where he is now.

    But I liked your tone, half sure, half bemused and the rest confused 😀 Welcome to the club Nut!

  10. BlueMist

    Okay now the asli comment. sorry for taking it so long. you know i am busy and all that 😛

    I so know what you mean. I always have this complaint about things I would love to do can not pay my bills and let me enjoy other things I want to enjoy. 😐
    Saying follow your dreams is easy but practical implementation sucks!

    and I love bankers 😛 75 % people in my life are bankers 😀

  11. deviantwave

    It’s ok darling .. I empathise .. I still miss being the truck driver … But sweet heart store is a big WOW! .. I was fascinated by a petrol pump and had planned to open it up with my sister (we loved the smell) .. but guess she bullied me in the plans too that I quit 😛

    Karan Singh is yuccckkkk .. it’s all silicone I feel … even Rakhi Sawant looks more real! 🙄


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