Daily Archives: January 3, 2011


What – Monday’s still exist in 2011???
What – My boss is still my boss in 2011???
What – I am not yet a size zero???
What – i still have a running stuffy nose and this horrible cough?

Hmmmmph so what was the cheer about…

But there is something about a new year…which makes everyone feel good.
It feels like your past failures are wiped out.
You archive our old messy mails into a folder called 2010 and begin afresh.
It’s the times the gyms are at their fullest, health sites are blistering with people dying to start the healthy life.
It’s the time when the smokers downstairs your office are at the lowest.

Yes in time, our intentions and resolutions will get wiped out.
We fail in most, succeed in some – and in someway makes ourselves a better person than we were in 2010. So here’s wishing you all a Happy New year and hoping that next year this time you know that there are some things u did better in 2011.
I leave you with words from the master…


The master himself