Didi, my life is over*

So the last weekend, the Tall one and I were heading over in swiffy reddy (our little red swift) to watch this highly intellectual movie called “Break Ke Baad” – when i found out that “Didi my life is over”….Ok so lets rewind a few minutes.

The nut is all dressed up – (Yes both eyeliner and lipstick are in place + mascara added for the full effect) and decides that it’s time to look at herself. So she moves the rear view mirror away from the driver (Tall one) to admire her so wonderfully put eyeliner – no caterpillar legs patterns and all. The Tall one protests and is ignored. Come on – looking at me is definitely a better use of the rear view mirror than looking at traffic.

Anyway as she admires her artwork – she sees….A GREY HAIR. There in my widow’s peak sitting prettily was my first grey hair.

She looked in astonishment – the words ringing in her head – “my life is over”. She shows it to the Tall One who starts laughing. He is mighty thrilled that she finally has grey hair.

Nut: “You meanie…how can u laugh so – i am now old and i dont even have a baby. You are not even feeling sad for me”
Tall one: “Hahahahahahaa – you expect me to feel sad when i got my first grey hair at 15???”

The Nut feels tears pricking her eyes as she sees her youth zoom past her. She can envisage herself creating a tag called “old age”. Soon there are tears – tears of deep sorrow from the Nut and tears of laughter from the Tall One.

You see, you hafta to understand – for the Nut, her jet black hair is the one sigh of her youth. The body resembles a 52 year old, the deep wisdom and maturity on her face doesn’t let her pass off as a teeny bopper either…So it was all about the hair and that was gone!!!

Anyway the big big tears totally ruined the beautiful non caterpillar eyeliner and the mascara made the Nut look like something from the exorcist.

With the husband being uncooperative about sympathy and all, the janani was called upon –
Nut sobbing: “Maaammmaaaa you know i got my first grey hair…i am now old”
Mama realizing that this was genuine sorrow: “No baby one grey hair is not old”
Do i sense a brave attempt at attempting to stop a laugh there 😦
Mama:“Where is the hair baby?”
Nut: “My widow’s peak. See i told you i should have shaved off the widow’s peak. then this would have never happened”
Mama“No baby that’s really lucky to get a grey hair on the widow’s peak”
Yes mom i may cry for so called life changing silly reasons but i am not 10 to believe that
Nut sensing that there is no real sympathy there hangs up.
However as a parting short a sms was sent to the Mater – You are now older coz you have an old baby

The rest of the drive was spent analyzing THE HAIR – a curious one indeed, black at the roots, grey in between and Black at the end…Huh???

The hair was tied in various modes to check what hides the grey hair.

Then it was decided that the grey hair was actually quite distinguished and added to the wisdom of the nut and should be elegantly displayed. So the hair was re-tied in various modes.

All this was with frequent interruptions from the Tall one who kept trying to hijack the rear view mirror…! i tell u he was at his most uncooperative…what with the laughing and hijacking and all.

So anyway for the next 2-3 days the eyeliner putting talents were not admired – it was all about the hair. The hair in sunlight, dark light, medium light – all the lights…and somewhere the nut starting feeling some affection for this little weirdo….the feeling of wisdom kept growing

Come Wednesday – a good 5 days after the incident. The Nut decided to put a facemask and was washing it away and noticed some hair had facemask on it and needed a good scrub

and that’s when it struck her….

The wisdom from the grey hair disappeared, the distinguished elegant look given a break for some years to come

and the Nut remembered a stray hair which had come in the way while she was bleaching her face!!!

yes folks that explains the black root and the black end and the grey in between.

Sigh and that’s what was up with me the whole of last weekend. Do you really blame me for not blogging. I mean i had like one strand of her to keep analyzing.

*Refers to the garnier ad when the girl notices her first grey and goes running to her sister saying – “Didi my life is over” until her wise sister recommends garnier colour something. So there!


35 thoughts on “Didi, my life is over*

  1. piyu

    I wish I could say something sympathetic :(, But since my hair has been white for a long time leading to furious attempts at mehendi (and more recently hair colour) every alternate weekend, I can’t.

    Liked your post though, entertaining as usual :D. And I really need someone to teach me to apply eyeliner! I am a novice at make-up 😦

  2. Scribbler

    lol @ janani πŸ˜€ & caterpillar form of the eyeliner πŸ™‚ catchy words there πŸ™‚

    Hmm so jet balck hair han ?? I wish I had those ! Sigh…I have shiny naturally brown hair-got from my dad πŸ™‚ So the whites/greys are not that see-able yet but they are there..very much there…

    so don’t worry..you’re not alone [even if one day you spot that actual white/grey strand] …I’m there with you..in growing old,in not having a baby yet and in fighting those tears that the youth symbols are passing by ! sigh !

    But since today it is not there…cheers and enjoy πŸ™‚

  3. snippetsnscribbles

    hahahha…good post from you as usual :-))
    But I cannot say anything cos I have a few grey strands myself…and one of them refuses to hide behind the rest of the black hair! ugh!
    So yeah, mehendi/coloring is my saviour :-))

    Now I’m actually J of you that your one grey hair was a false alarm!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  4. zephyr

    Hey Nut, that was funny beyond words! It sounded like the Garnier ad in reverse πŸ™‚ And I am glad about the happy ending to the ‘hairer’ tale! As someone who has always loved having grey hair and had been searching in vain for one since her thirties, I found it amusing. My hairdressers have always been at their wits’ end trying to figure out why this woman doesn’t want to hide/colour her grey strands πŸ˜€

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Lol…My mom has the same problem. Spotted her first grey hair when i was in the ninth and since then the hairdressers have been trying to make her mehndify it and not succeeded.


  5. DI

    *Rolls eyes*
    You know, when I read ‘Break ke baad’ and ‘my life is over (‘finished’ btw, that ad sucks!) I thought it was to do with the movie, bwahahahaha!
    I have a few strands I think, but I keep plucking them out. Plus with all the chemicalisation of my hair, I dont blame it πŸ˜‰
    All I can say is ‘ Phir se drama!’

  6. deviantwave

    And Clap people for DW hands over the Drmaa Queen tag to Nuts now *****claps****

    Man .. I bow doen to thee…. and errrr I wonder what will you do when you hear that when I go to streak my hair red, blue purple and they say that they can’t cover my greys .. instead of going 😦 … I go like πŸ˜› .. wow I’ll have tricolor on my head now!!! πŸ™„

    1. Nuttie Natters Post author

      Thank you for the crown…i truely deserve it…i am occasionally called “meena kumari” πŸ™‚

      Tricolour – you are cool enough to carry it…Me i am just a regular black head with nooooooooooooo grey hair πŸ™‚

  7. Pixie

    I’m sorry Nuttie! Really! I totally understand the horror of it all!
    I felt teh same way when I saw my first grey strand! But, now I cheerfully colour my hair and don’t feel too bad about the whole thing! πŸ˜›

  8. Rajlakshmi

    hahahaha you are acting like my mom πŸ˜› oooppsss I wan’t supposed to day that right πŸ˜›
    there’s enough Black Rose kali mehendi in market πŸ˜› guess that would help hehehe

  9. Bikram

    one thing i am proud of even when i am old Not a single hair of grey or white in my HAIR.. πŸ™‚ sarson ke tail ka kamaal hai … he he hhehe

    cant say anything about the beard though..

    I plan to get them coloured all Flurescent Green.. so everyone can recognise me from FAR AWAY πŸ™‚

    Wishing you and every around you a very happy new year …


  10. vishalbheeroo

    Hi Nuttie Natters
    Thanks fr showing me ur world. Very Youthful,funky N Cool blog. I dropped by chance and came across ur blog.
    Happy New Year


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